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art. 13 Regulation UE 2016/679 dated 27/04/2016


Cookie policy on the website  as specified in a measure by the Privacy Authority published in May the 8th,  2014 “ Identification of simplified procedures for the acquisition of consent to the use of cookies" and in respect of Art. 13 of the Regulation UE 679/2016.

Cookie policy is updated by Ermetika Srl, manager of the website, and Controller of the personal data connected to it, established in via Trani, 126 76121 Barletta (BT).
Any further information can be required to the address

You can use the same e-mail address at any time you may exercise your rights as data subject (art. 15 Regulation UE 679/2016: for example, access and correction, updating, integration and transformation, etc.) as well as require a revised list of the responsible parties and those who are appointed to process the data.

Your personal data are processed by Controller’s delegates and will not be communicated to third parties or otherwise distributed.


A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device (pc, notebook, smartphone, tablet) by a web server while you are surfing the internet, normally stored in the browser you use for searches.


The website, which transmitted the data, can read your cookies in the same device to obtain different information. What kind of information? It depends from the kinds of cookies.

There are two kinds of cookies, technical cookies and profiling cookies. The technical cookies are necessary to facilitate the proper functioning of the website to enable navigation; without them, you cannot visualize pages correctly or cannot access to certain services. For example, a technical cookie is indispensable to keep you connected during your website visit, or to store language setting, screen display, and so on.

Technical cookies can be divided into:
navigational data, that ensure normal use and experience of a website (allowing, for example, to buy something or access to restricted areas);
cookie analytics, similar to technical cookies whereas they are used directly from the web master to gather bulk information about the number of users and the way they experience the website.

Functional cookies, which allow you to navigate depending on a series of criteria selected (for example browser language preferences or the storage of the shopping cart) in order to make your experience on the website better.

Profiling cookies are more sophisticated! These cookies create a profile of the user and are aimed to sending of advertising messages customized to the navigation behaviour and on the preferences of the user.

We use technical cookies, designed to ensure the proper operation of our website, and profiling cookies such as Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, that uses cookies placed on the user's computer to enable the website visited to analyse how it is used by user. These cookies can be sent from the instrument supplier of Analytics, but are used only for purposes related to the site.
Google Analytics cookies
Google cookies

If you'd prefer that Google Analytics does not use the data collected in any way, the configuration of each browser may be changed differently. The configuration is described in the help menu of your browser, allowing you to know how to change your cookie choices.

Internet Explorer™:
Opera™: etc.

If you do not want to receive Google Analytics cookies this can be done by connecting to the page (
If you do not refuse Google cookies, you express consent to Google for the use of your data for the purposes above mentioned. To consult the privacy policy of the company Google on the Google Analytics service, please visit the website.

Our site will remain fully accessible even when you decide to disable the monitoring function.

For a permanent opt-out, your web browser must accept permanent cookies. If your browser does not accept permanent cookies, then registering the opt-out is not technically possible. If you want to disable the monitoring function, we advise you to check online help or documentation (please visit for further information).

Any user may deactivate/activate cookies from his or her device through his/her web browser. Please refer to user manual of your smartphone/tablet to manage cookies.


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This website incorporates the widget of Google Map with the map of activities and this service involves the installation of Google cookies. No navigation information or user data is shared by the site in which the widget is incorporated. For further information, including disabling these cookies, please visit: