Accessories for flush-to-wall systems that enhance the functionality of flush sliding and hinged doors include: the Trolley Kit with 120kg Capacity, which allows you to increase the capacity of the systems to accommodate heavy or non-standard sized doors. The Glass Kit, on the other hand, is required to install a glass door on one of our flush sliding frames. Lastly, the Easy Stop AB system allows you to slow down the closing of a sliding door to prevent it from slamming shut and/or open.

As for accessories for classic pocket door sliding systems, all the frames and internal sliding doors with jambs and architraves offer the possibility of installing a wide range of items, even if the pocket door system has been already set up. For example, it is possible to install a glass door panel on one of our concealed sliding frames using the Sliding Kit for Glass Door. The Easy Stop kit, on the other hand, allows you to slow down the closing of a sliding door to prevent it from slamming shut. The list of accessories for classic systems includes other products as well that facilitate the opening and/or closing of a concealed door, such as the Simultaneous Opening Kit and the Self-closing Kit: they allow you, respectively, to open a double-leaf door by moving only one of the two panels and at the same time the door will close automatically once it has been opened, ensuring privacy for any space. Finally, to join two single pocket door systems together to create a double-leaf model, it is possible to use the Junction Kit.

Ermetika also offers a range of locks and handles for sliding and swing doors to complement the doors and frames. These are efficient and secure locks that can be customised with a wide range of handles in a modern design, available in different versions and finishes. As for sliding doors, there are two options: sliding door with Lock Kit, or sliding door with plain handle. For swing doors, instead, the customisation possibilities are even greater, since you can choose either classic door handles or other models with a more minimal style, which blend smoothly with the door leaf, removing all the superfluous surfaces.