Lacquered doors

Ermetika’s lacquered doors, whether hinged or sliding, flush-mounted or with door jambs, offer an exceptional design experience by combining technological innovation and sophisticated style. One of the major advantages of this type of door is undoubtedly the complete customization through lacquering, which allows you to choose the desired RAL color.
porte laccate moderne
In Line with Your Style

In Line with Your Style

Lacquering represents a prominent finish in contemporary interior design, as it imparts unmatched elegance and effortless flexibility to spaces. Doors subjected to this process stand out thanks to their smooth and glossy surface, which adds an unmistakable touch of refinement and style to the surrounding environment. They are meticulously crafted through the precise application of lacquer, a covering paint often composed of materials such as polyester or polyurethane, which envelops the wood with any shade from the extensive RAL color scale.
What is the RAL system?
The RAL classification system represents a collection of universally recognized standards used to define and communicate a wide range of chromatic tones clearly and unequivocally. This system offers an extraordinarily vast assortment, with over 2,000 different shades, ensuring the opportunity to pinpoint the perfect tone for the captivating Ermetika doors with extreme precision and satisfaction. In this way, every chromatic detail is destined to blend harmoniously, contributing to making every environment an authentic expression of taste and design.
porte laccate tamburate porte laccate tamburate
The Art of Color
Among the most classic and versatile choices are lacquered doors in neutral shades, such as RAL 9010 white or RAL 7035 gray. These neutral colors provide a clean, modern, and elegant appearance, gracefully adapting to any environment.
However, if you aim to add vibrancy and personality to spaces, vivid hues can be the ideal solution. Intense red RAL 3000 or vibrant blue RAL 5010 have the power to transform Ermetika’s lacquered doors into true focal points of interest, capturing attention and creating a significant visual impact.
For those seeking to create a cozy and natural atmosphere, earth-inspired and vegetation-inspired tones are the answer. Relaxing green RAL 6005 and warm brown RAL 8017 convey a sense of harmony and connection with nature within your home.
Advantages of Lacquered Doors

Advantages of Lacquered Doors

Lacquered doors undoubtedly enhance the look and feel of any space. Through their smooth surfaces and glossy finishes, these doors offer a range of benefits beyond aesthetics: ease of cleaning, tactile pleasure, and stylistic versatility.
The smooth and resilient surface makes cleaning and maintenance over time easy, as they tend not to absorb dust or stains that can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Thanks to their smooth and silky surface, they also offer a unique and pleasant tactile experience, as well as the ability to adapt to any style and environment through various possible customizations.
Whether it's a private residence or a professional setting, lacquered doors can contribute to transforming spaces into elegant and welcoming environments.