Design doors

Discover the timeless elegance of Ermetika design doors, the perfect fusion of functionality and style, capable of transforming environments into exceptional spaces. These modern and avant-garde doors offer you a tactile and visual surface that adds a touch of originality and refinement to any room. You can choose between texturised doors and laminate doors, each designed to be an integral part of your home.
Design doors
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The materials used to create these design doors are carefully selected to ensure remarkable resistance and unrivalled durability. Wood, an iconic and timeless element, comes to life in a variety of shapes and patterns, enriching the essence of your door. This material is a constant in interior design trends, its ability to bring a sense of warmth and intimacy to the home environment is undeniable and it is perfectly suited to any type of context, both private and public. 
Laminate, on the other hand, is a revolutionary composite material made by assembling superimposed layers of thermosetting resins and sheets of paper impregnated with melamine resin. This production process gives laminate an extremely rigid and resistant surface, ready to be decorated according to your personal wishes and style. As an added bonus, the laminate surface is incredibly easy to keep clean and requires minimal maintenance. These characteristics make it a pragmatic choice for both domestic and commercial environments.
<div>Discover the various essences</div> <div>Discover the various essences</div>
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Discover the various essences
Dive into the wide range of essences offered by Echo doors by Ermetika, where every finish is a journey towards style and refinement. Available in white, walnut, ash, wych elm, grey elm and dove grey, each of these finishes has its own touch of class and sophistication, making the flush doors truly versatile. You can bring to life the interior design you've always dreamed of for your projects. 
The Adapta Handle 
Ermetika offers a range of options for handles, from the classic versions with handle hole to the innovative contact locks with magnetic strike. Among these, the elegant solution offered by the Adapta handle stands out for its exceptional flexibility: this handle is available with or without a lock, to adapt perfectly to any context or preference. Compatible with both sliding and swing doors, it is able to unify the handles in your home, for a homogeneous look.
Profile perimeter
Echo doors are characterized by impeccable attention to detail: in addition to the sophisticated structure and customization options of the panel itself, these design doors also feature a refined aluminum edge profile. This element is available in a variety of finishes designed to suit different styles and tastes, including: satin chrome, dark bronze, white lacquer and champagne. In addition to the profile, Ermetika also offers the possibility of customizing the finish of the hinges, creating continuity between hinges, handles and profiles.
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A sustainable choice

The Echo collection of doors from Ermetika is characterized by the exclusive use of sustainable materials. These exceptional design doors capture the essence of wood, creating a finished product of unparalleled value. Thanks to this innovative choice, not only is each door visually appealing, but also offers a unique tactile dimension through skillfully crafted surface relief that replicates the authentic feel of wood. This unmistakable touch gives the rooms an unparalleled atmosphere of elegance and warmth.
Inspiration from nature is reflected not only in the appearance of the doors, but also in the materials used in their manufacture. Each flush door is made from materials with a low environmental impact, minimizing the release of pollutants into the environment.
Ermetika's Echo flush doors are an exceptional example of how beauty, functionality and eco-sustainability can be combined in a single creation.