Classic doors with jambs

Classic doors with jambs and architraves represent a key element in interior architecture: they manage to combine structural advantages and timeless elegance. These doors are widely used in several kinds of homes, can be customized through different finishes and styles to be able to better adapt to any type of furniture.



What are jambs and architraves? These two elements, known by different names depending on the geographical region, play a crucial role in the structure and aesthetics of classic doors. Jambs and architraves complete the perimeter of the door, performing a dual function: decorative and functional.

We talk about architraves when we generally mean the perimeter frame around the door panel, they can be both wooden and metal and have their own angle that can be at 45 degrees or perpendicular. The jambs instead are the wooden or metal components that are placed along the opening of the wall in which the door is installed.

Custom made by professional carpenters, when a door closes, these elements form a frame around it, helping to effectively close the spaces between the door and the surrounding wall. From an aesthetic point of view, jambs and architraves add a touch of class and refinement to the doors, elevating them from simple structural elements to real design complements. Their presence gives a clean and finished look.

a world of possibilities

Ermetika's classic interior doors reflect this classic yet timeless style. We present below the different variants, each to meet your every need and available for plasterboard and plasterboard walls:



This is the traditional sliding door model with jambs and architraves. Suitable for any environment, both modern and classic, it meets every need.




Telescopic sliding door, consisting of two overlapping door that can be opened simultaneously with a single gesture. Ideal for large spaces.




A variant of the Evolution model, this sliding door features a motorised system that opens with a simple touch and closes automatically.




A sliding door capable of containing electrical wiring inside, so that sockets, light points and thermostats can be located next to the door.



transform your walls

Customising doors with jambs and architraves offers a wide range of possibilities, allowing you not only to transform the aesthetic appearance of classic doors, but also to enrich the functionality of interior spaces. If the objective is a modern, clean design, the choice of minimalist jambs and cover mouldings in neutral tones will be a perfect match for a contemporary furnishing style, bringing a fresh touch to the room.

On the contrary, if you wish to maintain a traditional allure, you can choose for more elaborate and detailed finishes. The use of handcrafted techniques can lend a timeless elegance, turning doors into authentic works of art that reflect your personality and the style of your home.

Customising elements such as colours and materials becomes a versatile tool of individual expression, lending a distinctive character to living spaces. Coordinating combinations creates a harmonious visual balance throughout the home, transforming each room into a cosy and unique retreat.