Adapta Handle by Ermetika: the Design is in details

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Ermetika developed the Adapta Handle, an innovative handle for frameless sliding and hinged doors with an essential and functional design.

The Adapta Handle: a new and minimalist interpretation of the handle system

maniglia adapta ermetika

The Adapta Handle has a minimalist and functional design and it sets new aesthetic standards. Although the main function is the same, its shape and, consequently, our gestures change, precisely to optimize its functionality.
It has been designed with the aim of meeting the needs of any architectural project thanks to the fluidity of movement it confers, especially in projects where the classic handle can obstruct the organization of spaces by touching walls or woodwork.
Let’s discover together which are the various declinations of the Adapta Handle.

The characteristics of the Adapta Handle: make unique your interior design!

This product is available both for frameless hinges doors and for sliding doors for which it allows the door to slide easily flush with the wall.

maniglia adapta con e senza serratura

It is also possible to request the kit without lock or the kit with lock. In the latter case, the lock and the handle represent a single element with a harmonious and complete design. It intersects in the surface of the frameless door, creating “a rectangle within a rectangle”.
Furthermore, this product has been constructed with a reduced thickness and a unique structure so that it can disappear into the panel, creating a special interior design in your projects.
In the right-hand side of the Adapta there is the handle, which is totally secure and ergonomic, while in the left-hand side there is the locking system, a circular knob that allows the door to be locked or unlocked. In contrast, in the handle without a lock, the solid handle is located in the left-hand side.
Various finishes are available, developed following a careful study of the trends and shades most in demand by designers and professionals. These include silver, black, white, champagne and dark bronze.

Porta scorrevole tutt'altezza con maniglia adapta

Finally, the Adapta handle represents an important milestone in interior design precisely because it has made a breakthrough in the handles sector.

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