Finishing for your frameless door: How to choose the ideal one

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How to choose the ideal finishing for your frameless door: a small guide.
Because a door does not simply divide rooms but is an essential element of a home, it is important to think about the finishing that best suits your style, your furniture and your needs.
The door is one of the first things to think about when furnishing a house and therefore its style must fit in perfectly with the rest of the room.
Being in direct contact with the walls, the door can either be an invisible element on the wall creating a complete harmony with the space or a noticeable element thanks to its particular finishing that can turn the door panel into the protagonist of the scene.
Ermetika flush-to-wall doors can be:
– Painted like the wall to give continuity to the room;
– Lacquered in your preferred RAL colour to find the perfect match with your furniture;
– Covered with wallpaper so as not to interrupt the pattern of the chosen design;
– Coated with microcement to give a textured and contemporary effect to the environment;
Keeping pace with design trends, Ermetika has dedicated itself to developing the compatibility of our products with each of these solutions. We want to make it easier for frameless doors to fit into our customers’ homes, helping them to find the right match for their walls, floors and decorations.

Finisghing for a frameless door:

Painting the door with the same color as the wall:

finishing for your frameless door

When it comes to interiors, the most sought-after concept is harmony between different colours and finishes. For this reason, the most practical solution is undoubtedly to match the colour of the door with the paint you chose for the wall.
If you want to create a modern and contemporary environment, it is increasingly common to use doors painted in neutral shades such as white, ivory, light grey or turtledove to easily achieve continuity between the walls and the building elements, making the door as invisible as possibile.

Lacquered door:

finishing for your frameless door

Lacquering is a very popular finish in contemporary interior design as it can easily add elegance and versatility to interiors.
By using lacquer, which is a covering varnish usually made of polyester or polyurethane, the wood is covered with any RAL colour.
The pros of this finish are resistance to daily use, ease of cleaning and above all, unlimited customization.

Door covered with wallpaper:

Porta filo muro battente con carta da parati

The use of Wallpaper, which reached its peak in the 1970s, has recently returned as a new interior design trend. The effect it creates is one of instant visual impact, an original touch that adds personality to your home. If applied to frameless doors, wallpaper turns the openings as part of the wall system without interrupting the chosen design pattern.

Door coated with a microcement finishing:

Porta filo muro scorrevole con malta cementizia

If, on the other hand, the intention is to achieve a warm environment and to find the ideal combination with materials such as wood and glass, then microcement is the ideal solution for flush doors. Mortar cladding is suitable for those who like painted doors but are looking for a material that can be sanitized often and will not be ruined over time.
Find out more about our flush systems and choose the solution that best suits your needs regarding the finishing for your frameless door.

finishing for your frameless door