The New Echo Doors finishes

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If you are planning the home of your dreams, it is essential to carefully choose the interior doors for your home and, in particular, its finish, which allows you to define the perfect interior design for your daily life.

The New Echo Doors Finishes by Ermetika

The new collection of Echo Doors regards sliding doors and swing doors. It is very versatile and customizable thanks to the different finishes you can choose to create a home with unique style and value. Let’s discover all the available finishes together!

White: for a timeless and pure interior design

porta echo filo muro bianco

White is a widely used shade in interior design as a symbol of purity and brightness. White interior doors represent a classic furnishing element capable of adapting to any style. Moreover, this finish highlights the material of the frameless door, enhancing its geometry and proportions, also through a perfect combination with natural elements.
It’s about a product with an ideal finish for those who love minimalism and essential lines and it is perfect for those who love bright and airy environments. The white finish is the perfect choice as it allows for a bright and timeless style.

Ash: for a Nordic, simple and comfortable style

porta echo filo muro frassino

The ash finish gives special warmth to Echo Doors and recreates a cozy atmosphere by softening all cold components of your furniture to form a colour balance.
The ash frameless door is perfect if you want to realize a Nordic interior design where wood dominates the scene in its linearity and simplicity, especially in the more neutral and shining shades.

Mountain elm: for an authentic and unique style

porta echo filo muro olmo montano

Do you love nature and a more authentic style? Then Mountain Elm is the right choice for you! This finish precisely recalls the uniqueness of elm wood, its grains and shades, which communicate strength and durability; that’s a unique feature for interior doors.
Mountain elm is a popular finish as it enhances the softness of colour and allows for harmonious atmospheres associated with the earth and rootedness. It therefore finds a lot of room in furniture, thanks to its versatility for both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Walnut: a timeless and classic option

Echo Doors Finishes walnut

The walnut finish for interior doors evokes elegance and sophistication. Thanks to its unique colour and special grain pattern, walnut is perfect for classic interior designs.
It is the most popular shade for interior doors and the most used and appreciated among interior designers, because of its precious and ancient characteristics, typical of the history of art.
Walnut is a classic and timeless option formed by natural and raised striations, that recreates the same characteristics of the wood.

Grey Elm: for industrial style lovers

Finiture porte echo filo muro olmo grigio

A grey elm frameless door is ideal for homes with an industrial interior design, especially if you are looking for alternative furnishing elements.
The grey elm finish is synonymous with charm, solidity and sturdiness, but also variability. Thanks to the sudden change of grain and shade depending on perspective, you will feel as if you have an interior door that is changeable and never static, unique and customized, yet able to harmonize the entire home environment.
The Echo door in grey elm is a minimalist product, conveying security and independence, capable of enhancing the interior design of your furniture.

Dove grey: synonymous with modernity and trendiness

Echo Doors Finishes dove grey

In conclusion, the dove grey finish is one of the most popular finishes in contemporary homes in recent times, thanks to its characteristics that give a chic look to the surrounding space, while allowing for a warm and comfortable result.
It is an intermediate shade that goes perfectly with various interior designs that want to stand out for elegance through a modern touch. It is ideal if you want to recreate a warm and pleasant feeling, respecting the concept of minimalism.

Ermetika’s new Echo doors collection allows you to choose among many finishes! In this way you can customize your home according to the style you want, depending on your taste and what is most pleasant for living the important moments of your daily life.