xREVERx: the Frameless Reversible Door by Ermetika

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Are you looking for interior doors capable of creating a practical and elegant style for your home? Here is xREVERx, the reversible swing door designed by Ermetika!

What is a Frameless Reversible door?

The reversible door is among the frameless systems by Ermetika. It is a product made of a frame and a frameless door, that can satisfy every need. You will not find any kind of problem for your home project! How? Thanks to the reversible door, it is possible to reverse the opening direction of the door (push or pull) as well as the direction of the frame (left or right) during the installation of the product.

xreverx frameless reversible door

xREVERx is therefore an innovative, versatile and easy-to-install furnishing element! It suits perfectly to a minimalist interior design, which is functional but at the same time elegant and aesthetic. In addition, you can use your own creativity, customizing and making the entire style of your home unique.
In the photos below, you can see some of the most original homes, both Italian and foreign projects, in which Ermetika’s frameless reversible door has been installed.

reversibile progetti

reversibili progetti

xREVERx: quality components with advanced technology


frameless reversible door xreverx

xREVERx by Ermetika is an ALL-IN-ONE system. It means that in the same package you will find:
– The 44 mm extruded aluminum frame with a rough plaster-like finish that can be painted over, which includes the fixing brackets;
– The hollow core panel, covered with melamine paper ready for lacquering;
– Standard magnetic lock;
– Satin chrome invisible hinges adjustable on three axes;
In addition, the reversible door has a lock positioned exactly in the center of the door leaf, so there is no problem fitting the handle.
In short, it is a frameless door that allows maximum decorative freedom due to the absence of jambs and architraves, integrating perfectly with the wall in which it is installed and creating an invisible or contrasting effect, depending on what you prefer.
xREVERx is a product far removed from tradition, absolutely technological and capable of adapting to any wall (plasterboard or brick). It will be guaranteed an impeccable result thanks to flush to wall doors to create a minimalist and modern design!