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One of the leading companies in the pocket door systems and frameless systems domain
Quality without compromise, high-level aesthetics

The company philosophy is based on this: remove the superfluous to create space for unexpected ideas.

Ermetika responds to functional requirements, making our homes more liveable and more easily accessible.

We were among the first to manufacture, more than 30 years ago, pocket sliding door systems and frameless doors. Love for innovation accompanied our company history and innovation cannot ignore the quality of materials.

To achieve higher levels of reliability and safety, Ermetika constantly invests in process and product certifications.

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Our history

In 1987, the intuition of two specialised ironmongers, the Spinazzola brothers from Barletta, gave birth to one of the first companies focused on pocket sliding door systems production.

In 1992 Ermetika brand was born. Enthusiasm and passion lead to success and the southern Italy artisans’ company became a modern and stable company striving to research and development of products that improve daily life with home comfort and interior design quality.

Today our brand is 25 years old and well known in the market, the best choice for those who want quality without compromise and high-level aesthetics.



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Curved pocket door system Arkimede

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Strength and durability of running gears

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