Technical insights 07/12/2019

5 reasons for choosing a frameless system

They are fashion doors with contemporary design, nearly a must in upper class homes and representation offices, in perfect harmony with the dogma of our times: the formal minimalism that conveys a feeling of style and elegance, refinement, and attention to detail.

We are talking about flush with the wall doors, also known as frameless doors, or better “frameless systems”, because the most important thing is not the door itself, but the system around it that allows it to disappear inside the wall when fully open.

Free from any jambs and architraves, the frameless sliding door seams to leap from the wall. Traditional hinged doors with a frameless system can perfectly hide into the wall when closed.

The main advantages of frameless doors

Space saving. Like all the pocket door systems, the frameless systems allow saving space. They became an essential choice for small or many rooms’ apartments. The space saved in a medium dimension apartment is around 8% of total floor area.

Perfect wall integration. The flush with the wall doors don’t break the succession wall-door-wall and give a beautiful aesthetical result. That’s why the most of architects love them so much.
Secondly, they love them because they can customise any door according to user’s taste, since panels are provided in raw wood, ready to be varnished in the same finish of the wall in which they are installed, or covered with the same wallpaper that decorates the wall. However, you can follow the other way and play with the contrasting tones to make a creative and dynamic environment.

Flexibly connect adjacent rooms. An important advantage of frameless sliding systems is to put in relation neighbouring rooms, creating continuity and space when required or giving privacyboth optically and acoustically. If you have the possibility to install a double door system, the frameless sliding doors allow the light to enter the room, making it an essential feature of interior design.

Hide technical rooms. A house has several functional spaces that shall be hidden from sight.
In this case the hinged flush with the wall doors are both practical and cheap. They can also be very small doors for closets or traps that become invisible to the eye, i.e. Absolute Smart.

Fit for any wall. The frameless sliding door system can be for plastered wall or plasterboard wall. You can also have electrical wirings inside the pocket wall, choosing some models that are designed for this purpose such as Absolute Energy.

Frameless systems prices

Pocket doors are becoming an architectural element integrated in our daily lives with a high benefit in terms of design and quality. For that reason, the selection of materials and finishes is extremely personal and of great importance, from an economic point of view too.
The price of a full pocket door system including the door can change a lot, according to the model (basic or with special features, single door or double), to the door dimension or to the accessories (soft close, simultaneous opening, motorization, etc.).
Price level can start from 450,00€ for a simple model with standard door and no accessories, and go up to 2500,00€ for a double door top range system for glass door and accessories.


Our experience, which we have gained over time, enables us to state that the customers who decide to install a frameless pocket door system in their homes, both in basic or top version, never regret it.
On the contrary, the aesthetic pleasure of a functional solution increases day by day.
Then, as you grow accustomed to such a kind of door, you no longer want to see traditional hinged doors in your home, since you perceive them as the weakest furniture element.