Technical insights 10/15/2021

Advantages of an Ermetika counterframe

Advantages of an Ermetika counterframe: Ermetika offers a wide range of products to meet all our customers’ needs. Our brand is committed to reliable, aesthetically sophisticated and technically perfect products.
To choose Ermetika is to choose:

  • Technology
  • Industrial craftsmanship
  • Sustainable design
  • Exceptional service

Whether you need classic systems with jambs and casings or frameless systems, our company’s sliding door frames can help you design the home of your dreams.

Discover more about the advantages of an Ermetika counterframe:

Linea Classic, pocket systems – EVOLUTION

These are the traditional products, with jambs and casings ideal for creating an elegant and comfortable environment.
The advantages of these products are as follows:

  • Ease of installation: we prepare each product to ensure its correct installation. The lower spacer has been inserted to create greater stability during assembly and facilitate plumb level and square installation.
  • Technical perfection: the frame structure has no welding points because we only use clinching technology (also known as cold welding), which does not damage the surface of the product.
  • Absolute stability: the double vertical structure guarantees maximum structural rigidity, as do the jamb profiles, which have been designed in folded sheet metal with an overall thickness of 1.2 mm.
  • Non-deformability: the inclusion of 12 horizontal reinforcements anchored directly on the side panel provides excellent resistance to lateral tensions.
  • Simplicity: the “easyclip” top crossbar makes it possible to assemble the counterframe quickly and the tear-off profile in the base makes it possible to remove part of the lower part of the box, helping to solve any height problems in the event of incorrect installation.
  • Design and fluidity: the anodised aluminium track with special gaskets makes the frame even more minimalist and the “easy roll” nylon trolleys with a certified load capacity of 100 kg ensure smooth and silent movement.
  • Adaptability: depending on the construction requirements of the wall type (plaster or plasterboard), our sub-frames have different characteristics. In the case of plaster, the counterframe is supplied with a plaster-holding mesh to improve adhesion to the structure and even the distribution of mortar. In the case of plasterboard, on the other hand, the door frame is prepared for the perfect interlocking of the sheets.
Linea Classic, pocket systems – EVOLUTION

Frameless pocket door systems – ABSOLUTE EVO

Flush-to-wall products have the same features as those in the Classic line but have been improved to allow the creation of doors with a minimal kind of language and without any external finishes.
The differences between the Evolution model and the Absolute Evo are as follows:

  • Perfect alignments: The corners of the aluminium perimeter profiles have been designed to ensure correct alignment of the angles. A wooden striker has also been inserted help the installation of the door as well as the locks and handles.
  • Easy maintenance: We have made it possible to remove the rail to make it possible and easy to apply accessories such as the easystop or to simply replace the trolleys.
  • Attention to detail: the upper gasket profile in paintable PVC totally blends with the wall, eliminating any horizontal gaps visible with the passage of light, facilitating door’s installation.
  • Exceptional finishings: because frameless doors require special attention to the connection with the masonry the perimeter profiles of these counterframes are made of strong concave aluminium to be easily plastered and painted.

Finally, we present you the Kit counterframes: the EVOKIT and the ABSOLUTE EVOKIT which is the frameless system.
These two models are the unassembled version of the Ermetika counterframes for pocket doors, created with the aim of being more easily transported and stored. They are only available for plasterboard walls and are suitable for sizes 100 and 125 mm.