Partnerships & Sponsorships 01/31/2024

Aesthetics meets security: Ermetika's frameless doors showroom in Athens

Aesthetics meets security: Ermetika's frameless doors showroom in Athens
As Ermetika’s proud distributor in Greece, PORTA NOVA is committed to delivering unmatched quality in the industry. Our collaboration is built on a foundation of trust and a shared commitment to excellence.
In our new showroom, we invite architects, contractors, and homeowners to discover our exquisite range of frameless doors:
  • Elegant Frameless Sliding Pocket Doors
  • Cutting-edge Absolute Swing and Echo Doors with Durable Aluminum Frames
  • The Absolute Swing - Reinforced for Safety with High-Security Door Hardware
Visit us at PORTA NOVA in Athens and experience a fusion of exceptional craftsmanship, robust security, and timeless design.
For more than 50 years, PORTA NOVA has been a trusted name in Greece for high-quality security products. Established in 1971 in Athens, PORTA NOVA has solidified its position as one of the premier entities in the physical protection sector. Founded by Zervas Nikolaos, the company initially focused on crafting high-security safes tailored for banks and jewelry shops, setting new standards in Greek manufacturing. With the advent of the second generation, spearheaded by Zervas Sotirios, PORTA NOVA diversified its product range to include safe deposit boxes, vaults, and armored security doors. Additionally, a dedicated commercial department was established, specializing in the import and promotion of interior doors and frames.