Technical insights 10/14/2021

Choosing internal wooden doors

Choosing internal wooden doors
Speaking about internal wooden doors, choosing one type of door rather than another can become a confusing and tiring process.
In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as each home’s specific needs must be assessed in terms of aesthetics, practicality and cost.

Let us first clarify the different options:

  • Solid wood doors: these are made entirely of wood and do not have the usual hollow core structure found in other solutions. Their structure is made of plywood and finished with wood veneers.

  • Plated doors are among the most popular on the market. The doors have a thin layer of natural wood, also called veneer, which covers the MDF base panel, make it more precious. The finish of these panels can be varnished to highlight the natural grain or lacquered.

  • Laminate doors are made from a synthetic sheet glued onto an MDF panel. In most cases this is a material called HPL or CPL which reproduces the wood grain in an exceptional way. Its technical characteristics make it very resistant to impact and to high temperatures.

Laminate and veneered doors are definitely among the most popular doors for interiors. They both have a hollow core structure, that is solid wood perimeter edges with honeycomb board in the middle, and 2 MDF panels on each side of the door which are coated with the desired finish.
As for the jambs and casings in the case of laminate doors, coated or lacquered MDF is used because of its low cost and ease of work. In the case of veneered doors, on the other hand, a more precious finish is preferred, such as solid wood combined with the wood essence chosen for the door.