Technical insights 12/02/2022

Doors for disabled people: inclusive and technological products

On World Disability Day, Ermetika would like to highlight the contribution it makes through its interior doors for disabled people, designed to offer accessible and technological solutions to anyone who needs them. What counts is the end user.

Doors for disabled people: inclusive and elegant design

Considering the most modern approaches, inclusive design is the focus of today's architecture, which aims to create places where people can live their daily lives serenely and without problems. However, a comfortable and accessible project must not preclude elegant designs that reflect the mood of a home inhabitants.
For this reason, Ermetika has developed internal doors starting from the study and interest in the needs of disabled people, with the aim of improving the quality of life and the performance of any project design. In fact, Ermetika's internal doors help first of all to optimize spatial organization, but also to counter any type of problem related to movement, guaranteeing equity and inclusion in daily experience.
Years of research have led to the production of two doors for disabled people, which are extremely useful and inclusive solutions: the motorised sliding door, Evolution Motorised, and the motorised flush-to-wall door, Absolute Evo Motorised. Let's discover them together!

Motorised interior doors: Evolution Motorised and Absolute Evo Motorised

The first solution, Evolution Motorised, is a sliding door with jambs and architraves, equipped with a highly technological motorised system, capable of opening the interior door on demand or automatically, even by detecting the presence of a person. It represents a design element that focuses on simplicity and functionality and allows for an elegant, but also traditional or modern design, depending on your style.
Motorised interior doors: Evolution Motorised and Absolute Evo Motorised

The second design solution is a flush-to-wall sliding door, the Absolute Evo Motorised. It makes for a spontaneous movement experience within your home, but also allows you to immerse yourself in it so as to move effortlessly from one room to another. 
In addition, this product gives you the possibility to create a minimalist and essential interior with flowing and clean lines, especially if you are fascinated by this trend, which you should also keep an eye on for next year!

The world's greatest social challenges are reflected in the way we design our spaces. Much of the action taken to counter material expressions of inequality occurs through everyday gestures, and may even go unnoticed. 
It manifests itself through simple designs that take into account the needs of all users, revisiting even one of the most interesting elements of architecture, interior doors, while leaving the possibility of recreating an elegant and chic design.