Technical insights 02/08/2022

Flush to wall doors for a minimalist and modern design

Flush to wall doors for a minimalist and modern design
Are you planning a home with a modern and elegant style? Here is a series of suggestions to recreate a perfect minimalist home by reducing the furnishings to the bare minimum, for example by opting for refined flush to wall doors!

Modern style and minimalist style: what are the differences?

When we refer to a modern style environment we think about a minimalist appearance of shapes and spaces. Actually, we are talking about two styles with a different origin, although today they are identified in the same trend.
The modern style was born during the two Great Wars from an architectural revolution both in design and aesthetics, based on the intention to bind beauty and functionality as basic design principles. A modern environment prefers brightness, utility and quality over quantity. Spaces are usually organized critically using the concept of “open space”, because it is important to invest in the versatility of the rooms. In terms of colors, neutral tones (light or dark) are preferably used, almost always in solid colors.
The minimal style appears later in the 60s, presenting itself as a more restrictive trend on materials. They are always linear and geometric and tend in particular to white. Conditioned by the lack of space of the buildings of that period with small sizes, it becomes important to eliminate the superfluous by reducing the furniture to the bare minimum.
In the modern style the main concern is the function of things, while in the minimal style visual clutter is reduced as an aesthetic choice. It is for this reason that white is the most used color to achieve this goal, as it allows to focus attention on individual objects.

Doors for modern and minimalist interiors: flush to wall doors

Over time, the concept of modern and minimalist styles have slowly merged to become one. Even when it comes to interior doors, a modern white door and a minimalist door are almost the same thing!
The main difference between the two is that classic doors with jambs and casings can be considered modern if designed considering contemporary trends, while a minimal door is necessarily a simple element and stripped of everything that is not essential, so we talk about flush to wall doors.
Interior design trends are increasingly oriented towards elegance and refinement, so currently there is a need to produce doors that could be functional (modern) but aesthetically simple (minimalist).
For this reason, Ermetika produces flush to wall doors, technically exceptional and 100% customizable. The models that we suggest for the creation of a modern and minimalist style environment are:

Absolute Swing, the flush to wall hinged door;
Absolute Evo, the flush to wall sliding door.
In addition, to finish your modern and minimalist home even in the details, you can opt for Ermetika’s Absolute Smart, the invisible hatches ideal for hiding small compartments, and Absolute Rush, the flush baseboard skirting with partitions!