Product focus 01/25/2022

Flush to Wall Doors Handle: Which one to choose?

Flush to Wall Doors Handle: Which one to choose?
Doors handles are usually considered little details, instead they are a fundamental component, both in terms of style and function. Let’s discover together why!

Types of Flush to Wall Doors Handles

Doors handles are important because they help to complete the design and aesthetics of the room in which they are located. They make the opening and closing of doors easier, more comfortable and, therefore, the access to the various rooms of a house.
Ermetika offers a wide range of doors handles kits in combination with the respective locks. They are specially produced for each type of door, depending on the style and opening: sliding doors; hinged doors (both classic and flush to wall).
Among Ermetika’s flagship products, there are undoubtedly the counterframes for sliding doors of the Absolute line, without jambs and casings. This line creates an effect of total homogeneity with the wall on which they are installed and also with the whole room. They are boxes mounted in the internal cavity of the wall, which allow the door to slide and disappear inside them.
Despite the fact that the door is completely hidden in the box, it is possible to install special door handles that elegantly make themselves invisible together with the panel itself inside the wall.

Kit Doors Handles: Round or Square?

One of the types of doors handles for sliding doors with jambs and architraves or for flush to wall sliding doors includes classic-style doors handles with a special hollow, round or square shape, through which the door panel can be slid very easily and silently.

This product is available in different variants:
  • Round handle with lock or without lock and in satin chrome, polished chrome, polished brass and black finishes;
  • Square handle with lock or without lock, in satin chrome and polished chrome and black finishes.
Both can be easily matched to the colour of the door, wall and furniture.

Adapta Door Handle: for sliding and hinged doors

The innovative Adapta Door Handle Kit by Ermetika allows to obtain a more modern style also in other colour choices, such as copper, white and satin chrome.
With its rectangular shape, modern style and perfect compatibility with both hinged and flush to wall sliding doors in different types of interiors, the Adapta door handle is also available with and without a lock and has become increasingly popular in recent times due to its greater level of versatility and customization.
This type of doors handle is perfectly invisible, integrated with the door panel and it gives the interior a refined minimal style that excludes the superfluous.

If you are looking for the perfect doors handle for your furniture, Ermetika handles are for you!
Adapta Door Handle: for sliding and hinged doors