Product focus 11/21/2021

Flush with the wall walk-in closet

Flush with the wall walk-in closet? Here is a brief guide on how to find the perfect solution for your needs…
The walk-in closet has become an almost indispensable furnishing accessory in our homes. In addition to its obvious practical function, it simplifies the internal organisation of the room.
Designing walk-in closet means enriching interior spaces and the daily life of those who live in them, so there are a few details you need to bear in mind before starting any work.
The first thing to decide is where to build it. The dimensions of the walk-in wardrobe vary depending on the space available. In cases where space is limited, you can use the recesses in the wall or an old storage room to create a small walk-in wardrobe, while if you have a large house you can dedicate an entire room to it.
As regards dimensions, the size of the walk-in closet varies in each project, but generally, it can start from 120 cm in width, 150 cm in depth and 210 cm in height.

We would like to point out that the inclusion of these elements is not only limited to the usual spaces, such as the typical bedroom with walk-in wardrobe. A closed walk-in closet can also be a coat rack in the hall or in the living room.
Another thing to consider is its construction if you do not already have a room. The ideal solution in these cases is the plasterboard walk-in wardrobe, because this material is easy to apply and cheap, and is very effective both for the construction of a special room and for regularising the walls of an irregular room.
Finally, we need to think about the opening space. The walk-in wardrobe, like the interior doors, can have various aesthetic features, but the one most common one is the walk-in wardrobe flush with the wall. This type of frame allows the doors to be hidden, blending into the environment and making it as uniform as possible.
Our system Absolute Swing Double Door meets all these requirements.
It has a structure for flush with the wall hinged doors but allows the insertion of 2 door leaves with independent openings. The first one can be fitted with a handle hole or our Slim door lever in satin chrome, while the second one can be fixed and then unlocked by deadbolts.