Technical insights 05/13/2024

Full-height doors: an amazing trend for interiors

Every year interior design trends change according to the modern needs. Today, one of the most popular trends in the world of interiors is full-height doors.

Full-height doors for a spectacular interior design

Contemporary trends interpret the mood of society and its needs in order to offer guidelines for creating spectacular interior designs!
Today, home decor focuses on simplicity, comfort, but also on the return of a pure relationship with nature. It prefers essential, but large and multifunctional environments that depart from the classic and traditional division of spaces.
In such an environment, doors can take on great importance, precisely because of their functionality and aesthetic characteristics; this is why full-height doors, which can be either sliding doors or hinged doors, come into play. They are two types of innovative products in the world of architecture.
Full-height doors are an original and stylistic choice thanks to their particularity. They are stripped of all superfluous elements and are distinguished by the charm of clean lines. In this way they emphasize the minimalism of the forms and the flexibility of the spaces.
In addition, they are an amazing solution, because they create spacious and elegant environments.
Full-height doors for a spectacular interior design
Their geometric structure creates a feeling of grandeur as it stretches vertically on the masonry and best connects all spaces with harmony and balance. They are able to make the rooms even more connected, making them more airy and much brighter when they are opened. The lifestyle of the interior can only benefit from this solution that offers benefits to the atmosphere of the house and the serenity of its inhabitants.
Therefore, one of the main advantages of these products is their flexibility. Their design is suitable for both domestic and commercial or professional environments; this is a fundamental feature to meet the daily needs of our society, which combine home and work. The flexibility of full-height doors also concerns the wide possibility of customization. The available finishes are many and range from wallpaper to coating with cement mortar up to the endless RAL colors, available for the perfect connection with the masonry. You can opt for colors associated with nature, such as shades of wood, stone and forests, or you can choose bolder and alternative colors, such as the Pantone Very Peri, a blue with purple-red undertones, synonymous with innovation and creativity.

These furnishing elements are perfect for environments with a modern and minimalist style, which do not want to be monotonous and predictable, but are looking for an ideal solution to refine their homes in an elegant way, following the most spectacular trends in interior design!