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Guide to interior doors: features and style

Guide to interior doors: features and style
Guide to interior doors, small tips on features and style.
Internal doors are elements that combine function and style and that play a fundamental role in our homes. That is why we have dedicated this article to everyone who wants to understand their characteristics and what is essential to bear in mind in order to make the right choice.


The first thing to consider is the positioning of the door within the space.
This initial review helps you understand whether there are any specific space requirements that may be more or less constraining.

Look at the room and assess whether to insert a hinged door or if it is better to avoid the space required by the door opening and insert a sliding door instead. If the sliding door system seems to be the best solution, there are two paths you can take. If you are designing a new construction or if you are able to redo the internal partitions, the best solution is to insert a sliding pocket door. Otherwise, if the rooms are to remain unchanged, as in the case of a home renovations or historical buildings, then the external wall track is the best solution for you.


The dimensions of interior frames and counter frames are many so we advise you to check carefully whether you have all the pre-sets for installing a standard product or if it is smarter to design a custom-made interior door to make the most out of your home.

You can find out more about custom doors in this article or go directly to our product configurator which will help you find the model that best suits your needs.


This feature is the one that clearly defines the effect you want to create in your house. Do you prefer a frameless door or an ornamental door? Do you want to hide the openings or make them the protagonists of the scene?
The choice is placed between a product from our Absolute Line, with a refined and modern design, or a product from the Classic Line, which has the timeless elegance of traditional doors with jambs and casings.


Finally, since an interior door always becomes a fundamental part of the environment, it is essential to make a thorough decision on its external aspect and thinking about colours and materials.

In general, to achieve a harmonious and satisfactory result, we recommend coordinating the shades of the doors with the other structural elements such as the flooring or frames, or with the decor you intend to place. As far as materials are concerned, you have plenty of options: wood, lacquer, varnish, glass, wallpaper or the whole paint ranges.

Guide to interior doors: features and style…All it takes is imagination!