Technical insights 09/17/2021

How to choose custom-made doors

How to choose custom-made doors
When buying or renovating a house, people often wonder how to choose the right size of door, whether to opt for a standard solution or for custom-made doors. Here is a brief guide on how to choose custom-made doors.

Choosing the doors is one of the key issues when it comes to new buildings or renovations. The standard measurements of interior doors are almost always dictated by municipal regulations and follow a precise size chart, not only because of cost control but also to facilitate the working site management.

However, there are frequently situations that are difficult to solve, where the fitting of a custom-made door can make a difference. The possibility of adapting the opening of the compartments to the needs of each individual is the main advantage of these products as they become a precise response to a need that is linked to more or less complex cases. To name a few examples, we think about the situation of people with reduced mobility or in the case of renovations in a historical context where partitions are unchangeable and new large openings are not allowed.

Furthermore, these kinds of doors are elements that, thanks to their full possibility of customization, reflect exactly what the customer has envisioned in terms of aesthetics, making the environment unique and special.
The standard passage of a door is 80 cm wide by 210 cm high, and in any case, it must be taken into account that these dimensions do not correspond to the hole made in the wall for its installation. This is especially relevant when it comes to the dimensions of the counterframes for pocket doors, where it is necessary to consider at least twice the width of the door that will be installed.

In fact, when designing interior doors it is absolutely crucial to check the width of the wall where the door will be placed, considering the overall dimensions of the frame or pocket, the height of the room when the floor is finished, the thickness of the masonry and finally its material composition.
For all these reasons, our company is specialised from the beginning in the production of doors with non-standard dimensions, such as full-height sliding doors, which are smaller or wider than the standard dimensions of the counterframes. The non-standard dimensions of the doors vary between 60 and 120 cm in width and between 200 and 270 cm in height.

These characteristics allow us to offer customisable, versatile and technically perfect solutions to seemingly insuperable problems.

Doors that are wider than the standard dimensions create a refined and very comfortable environment, just as doors that are high up to the ceiling help to change the perception of a room, making it even more elegant. In order to facilitate your search for the ideal door, we have provided you with a product configurator that will guide you through this process in 4 simple steps.