Product focus 08/29/2021

How to choose the right skirting board: the different types

How to choose the right skirting board: the different types
As you probably already know, the skirting board is the connection element between the wall and the floor, and as all interior design details, it requires the right attention so that it can fit seamlessly into the project.
A skirting board can have a dual function: the first is that it is a useful and functional element as it helps you simplify the housework and prevents the signs of deterioration on the walls; the second function is the aesthetic nature, because the skirting board allows you to enhance the floor you have chosen.
Traditional skirting boards were usually designed in real wood and were almost always combined with the type of parquet, but nowadays there are different solutions on the market to suit everyone’s taste and needs.
There are different types of profiles that are chosen depending on the desired style. Skirting boards with rounded or sharp-edged profiles are usually used in more classic environments, while lower and squarer profiles are more suitable for modern or contemporary spaces.
Another fundamental aspect to bear in mind is that the height of the skirting board has a great influence on the perception of the room and in the final aesthetic effect.
A more recent trend is the use of skirting boards flush-with-the-wall.
This solution involves inserting a profile into the masonry in order to obtain a recessed skirting board that is completely aligned with the wall, both in the plaster and plasterboard versions.

The advantages of this system are:

  • Maximum hygiene of the rooms by eliminating the laying of dust at the top of the traditional profiles;
  • Furniture can be freely positioned along the wall, eliminating unnecessary distancing;
  • The perfect combination with the flush-to-wall sliding or hinged doors of our range to create perfectly coordinated rooms with a minimal and refined look;


With this product, the level of customization is practically infinite: the skirting board flush-with-the-wall can be adapted to any material: natural wood combined like the pavement, lacquered to match your furniture, stoneware for practicality and light-heartedness, or aluminum for an unconventional aesthetic result.


Ermetika skirting board flush with the wall is perfectly adaptable to any surface and, since it is conceived as a kit with several components, it can be customized according to the needs of the project in hand. For example, if there are stairs or steps in your home, don’t worry, our skirting board is able to be adapted perfectly to the shape of your home thanks to the use of specific pieces such as joint kits or stair joints.

"WOW" Effect

Finally, you can use a specific variant of the skirting board flush with the wall to achieve an incredible “wow” effect that will amaze all your guests. Choose the Absolute Rush model with a recessed metal profile with the prearrangement for a LED strip. This backlit skirting board system adds a new function to the classic skirting board, turning it into a real interior lighting system.
In fact, the flush-to-wall skirting board elegantly frames the room, creating harmony and balance between the structure and the furniture, but above all, it becomes an additional decorative element that further enhances your home.