Technical insights 02/11/2022

How to choose the right sliding door?

If you have decided to put a sliding door in your home space and don’t know exactly all the models available, this guide is perfect for you!

What elements to consider before buying a sliding door?

Here is a list of all the features of sliding doors that you should consider before proceeding with the purchase:

1 - Type and cost: there are two systems for sliding doors, concealed sliding doors and sliding doors outside the wall. The former require the insertion of a counterframe inside the masonry through the intervention of a professional, while the latter require the simple fixing of the track to the wall. For this reason, the concealed sliding doors have a higher cost than the sliding doors outside the wall. 
What elements to consider before buying a sliding door?

2 - Dimensions: first of all, the measurements of the space where the door will be inserted should be analyzed in order to better understand if it is more convenient to insert a single swing door, optimizing the passage between two rooms, or a double swing door, in order to maintain the physical and visual connection between spaces. In addition, concealed doors can be both flush with the wall and classic doors with showcases. It is important to measure the passage opening, the actual dimensions in height and width between the jambs (if any) and the height of the finished floor, but also the overall dimensions, the space of the counterframe.
3 - Type of masonry: before ordering the product, check what type of masonry the door will be installed in, if it is plasterboard or plaster. Although there is no significant price variation, counterframes are designed to meet certain technical characteristics!
4 - Organize the space: by purchasing a sliding door you will save about 8% of space in your home, because you will avoid the clutter typical of the openings of traditional swing doors. Remember, however, that if you have chosen a concealed sliding door, you will be able to easily furnish the walls adjacent to the compartment, while if you have planned to install a sliding door outside the wall, the side of the wall where the door slides must be free.

5 - Style: as far as finishes are concerned, we are sure that thanks to all the colors and materials, including wood, glass or PVC on the market, you will have no difficulty in finding the right door for you. But it is also true that choosing a finish rather than another can be a difficult mission!

6 - Accessories: the installation of the sliding door panel is usually combined with a type of sliding that characterizes it. There are systems that slow down the closure, trolleys with different capacities and different guides for the sliding of the door, tension mechanisms for the simultaneous opening of the doors and many different handles.

The Ermetika door configurator

Once you’ve identified all of this information, you can use Ermetika’s door configurator, which allows you to identify which product best meets your housing needs! Simply enter all of the elements considered above to get specific recommendations! In fact, after completing these simple steps, the system will show you the models most compatible with the specifications indicated in the configuration. You will be able to view the product sheet or download the technical data sheet to learn more about the selected model.