Technical insights 08/06/2021

How to install a sliding door

Here is a brief guide on how to install a sliding door.

The installation of sliding door systems depends on which type of solution you intend to choose. If it is not possible to intervene in the masonry or if you are looking for a quick and effective answer, the best solution is a sliding door with a wall-mounted track. The installation is very simple and can be carried out at any stage of the construction works.
On the other hand, as far as pocket sliding doors are concerned, the installation must be planned to facilitate the installation of the counter frame. In these cases, the pocket is the element that contains the sliding door panel inside the masonry and it can change according to the type of wall (plaster or plasterboard) but also according to the door model: classic with jambs and casings or flush with the wall.
Remember to entrust the installation of your sliding doors to specialised technicians to ensure a professional and correct management of the various components.

  • The first step is to install the counter frame or fix the external track to the wall. Check that the space available is enough to accommodate the chosen product and make sure that the wall does not contain the passage of circuits of any kind.
    Please note: If the intention is to pass electrical wires for light switches on the wall that contains the pocket, the appropriate product model must be chosen.
  • Once the structure of the sliding system has been assembled, the panel can be installed. Sliding door panels can have different finishes depending on the desired aesthetics effect. Depending on the model, door panels can be made of lacquered wood, painted, covered with wallpaper or cement mortar, or made of glass.