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Interior Design Tips: the Rustic Style

Interior Design Tips: the Rustic Style
In the world of interior design there are many styles such as the rustic style, a combination of tradition and modernity that constitutes a vintage aesthetic perfect for a country house but also for a loft in the city centre.

What is meant by rustic style?

Rustic style generally refers to a warm and cosy design environment, reminiscent of a quiet life in country villas. These houses were distinguished by their comfortable and hospitable spaces, not only because of the decorations but above all because of the value that was attributed to each piece of furniture as time went by.
This association, however, should not lead one to think that the rustic style is synonymous with little research; on the contrary, today, opting for this type of design represents a very precise aesthetic choice. This style is particularly popular because it combines tradition and modernity, as it is permeated by a sense of authenticity, elegance and practicality.
Contrary to popular belief, rustic design can be combined with any type of environment, from a country house to an urban loft.
What is meant by rustic style?

Essential elements for a modern rustic design

The rustic style can therefore be absolutely modern when you want to create a connection between design and tradition, especially by opting for natural materials such as wood and stone and for light and warm colours that fully recall the rural world. It is important that the spaces are not dark and cold, so it is advisable to choose shades such as dove grey, cream, pastel colours and orange hues or brighter colours, also to counterbalance the prominence of wood. You can opt for white, which creates brightness and space.
Doors are particularly important in this type of style. They have important material characteristics as they are mainly made of solid wood.
Wood is the undisputed protagonist of this design, not only in the doors, but also in furniture, floors and accessories, because it gives a sense of authenticity thanks to its imperfect grain, fine finishes, soft lines and a naturally simple but welcoming style.
In addition, rustic style can have a minimalist soul, so it is important not to overdo it by layering too many pieces of furniture and furnishings, and to eliminate the superfluous so that the space becomes more airy and harmonious.
To create an aesthetic balance, the door is crucial. Of course it is essential that doors stand out in a rustic environment; however, secondary openings that are essential to everyday life, such as the passage to a bathroom or a walk-in wardrobe, must be discreet, functional and elegant. In this case, it is possible to create an exquisite continuity in the interior of your home thanks to the flush doors, both sliding and hinged, which can be completely camouflaged thanks to the absence of jambs and covers and thanks to the fact that they can be painted in the same colour as the wall. These products are made from completely sustainable materials, a principle that naturally accords with the core value of rustic style, which aims to create a natural and elegant environment.
A further distinctive touch can be provided by classic-style panelling. In this case too, doors flush with the wall can easily adapt to this type of detail, resulting completely refined and discreet. The result is an ambience that is both rustic and chic.
If you want to furnish your home in a rustic style to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere, typical of the houses of the past, it is important to choose the right and essential elements, but above all the right interior doors that are able to give a sense of refinement and warmth.
In this way it is possible to create a perfect modern rustic style, without giving up comfort and functionality, to embellish the house giving it even more importance and value.