Oversized doors: Go big or go home!

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Today, our homes need something that improves the functionality and the aesthetics of spaces, making them unique and sophisticated. Oversized doors are perfect to achieve this goal.

Oversized doors: dimensions and functionality

Porte fuori misura - Ermetika

Outsized doors have multiple purposes, such as providing security and comfort and optimizing spaces, making them more easily accessible, airy and bright. They allow for spaciousness and visual and physical connection between rooms, which is highly valued in contemporary design.
In addition, they create the perfect aesthetics and beauty in a room. A new twist in modern design.
It is a product that must be studied with attention when designing new spaces. You must value the type of oversized door, colors, material, and style.
Ermetika’s oversized doors can be customized in both width and height. The width measurement can vary from approximately 600 to 1000 mm, and the height from approximately 1500 to 2700 mm, all depending on the model and type of door you choose.
The demand for oversized doors is increasing more and more, exceeding that of standard-sized doors.

Outsized interior doors: impactful and stylish designs

Modern homes increasingly favor wide corridors and high ceilings. So, interior doors become outsized to match their surroundings and to personalize and make them bold and unparalleled, grand and elegant.
To present the many functional and aesthetic possibilities of oversized doors, here is a selection of beautiful projects where oversized doors have been installed, creating a feeling of luxury within each interior design.

progetto villa ippedico Copertina Ermetika

Villa Ippedico – Full-height flush hinged door, Absolute Swing

Casa Amato - Ermetika Progetti 

Casa Amato – Full-height flush hinged door, Absolute Swing

Oversized flush-hinged doors give a unique and strong character that distinguishes them from standard-size options. They can be opened from the inside or the outside, as required, maintaining perfect functionality as well as ideal aesthetics.

progetto villa ippedico 07 Ermetika

Villa Ippedico – Full height flush sliding door, Absolute Evo

Oversized frameless sliding doors save space thanks to their simple sideways movement and are ideal for narrow spaces with high ceilings.

Infinite combinations of materials for outsize interior doors

These interior doors can be produced with different types of materials and finishes. From this choice, you get different styles and interior designs. Wooden finishes, for instance, define a warm, nature-inspired atmosphere, giving a look that can be rustic or elegant. The doors can also be colored, satanized, or reflective. Doors can be made of glass, which is great for creating even more luminosity, but also of aluminum, stone, and marble, all materials that can be combined in infinite combinations.
Undoubtedly, these spectacular and elegant oversized doors will continue to dominate the architecture and interior design world.