Pantone 2022: the Color of Innovation and Creativity

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17-3938 Very Peri is the innovative Pantone 2022! The color of the new year is blue with purple-red undertone that expresses innovation and creativity. Let’s discover more about this!

Very Peri: Pantone 2022, the Color of Creativity

Pantone 2022 is the symbol of creativity, but also of starting over. In fact, analysts proposed a new color to associate it with the new year. But also to take note of the constant changes of our society.
Laurie Pressman, Vice President of Pantone Color Institute, said the complexity of Pantone 2022 fully reflects the historical moment we are living. A time of new possibilities and new ways of expression.
This periwinkle blue with violet undertones is energetic, dynamic and full of vitality. It expresses innovation, spurring imagination and flair. It is also a shade that communicates gratitude, precisely because of the period of isolation that we all had to face. But it also reflects the resilience and courage we had in facing it.

Pantone 2022 represents the fine line between real life and the digital world and their respective influences, which allows us to best innovate the way we move through our society. From work to the way we interact with others.
The choice of Pantone 2022 Very Peri is the result of a detailed study of the latest trends, in different areas. From the Hi-Tech world to art, from fashion to interior design.  Analysts integrated the influence and the emotion of color into the strategy.
Pantone’s head of marketing, Kathryn Shah, said that what makes Pantone of the Year most important is the trend shade in the design industry, such as fashion. But also to reflect on what’s going on within society.

Very Peri in Interior Design

The shade of Pantone 2022 also stands for modernity in interior decoration. Very Peri can open up new and more creative perspectives for designers to define new styles through sophisticated and alternative combinations!
This shade is already a winner on a wide range of materials, textures and products. Think about a sliding door flush with the wall in this color that blends completely with the wall. That’s an example for the most daring projects! That’s why we’ll also find it in interior design!