Pocket doors for offices: which one to choose?

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Interior doors are also a fundamental element for workplaces, both from a functional and a decorative point of view. Let’s see together how to choose pocket doors for offices according to your needs!

Pocket doors: the perfect solution for your office

If you are designing a new office, it is very important to spend the right time and attention to the choice of interior doors. They are furnishing elements that define not only the style, but also the level of livability and safety of the workplace, both for employees and guests.
For this reason, several criteria must be considered to obtain the perfect functionality doors, such as an optimal subdivision of the spaces to guarantee privacy, thermal and sound insulation.
In addition, it is essential to choose elegant products that create a professional but refined environment, with a design made up of colors that play a fundamental role in your project.
One of the most popular trends in office doors is the sliding pocket door. Let’s find out what factors need to be taken into account if you want to install a sliding door in your office.

The style of pocket doors for offices

The style of the interior doors for offices must reflect the personal style of those who work there, but also communicate professionalism and hospitality. This is why we recommend choosing neutral tones, which often fit into any interior design without any problem!
Classic design is always a good choice in working environments, especially in offices of accountants or lawyers. To create professional spaces, an example is the use of the elegant and easily customizable sliding door with jambs. The classicism and refinement of this system can integrate perfectly with the other furnishing elements you choose for your office.

Pocket doors for offices - Evolution - porte scorrevoli con stipiti

On the other hand, the minimalist style is also becoming more and more popular, because it makes rooms modern, linear and youthful. This is why frameless doors without jambs and casing have been produced. They allow you to create unified and continuous environments.
If you choose flush-to-wall systems, you can opt for different furnishing options, such as the impactful full-height version. The full-height doors can be painted in any shade you like, even the same shade as the wall, to create the sense of continuity typical of these products.

porte tutta altezza per uffici

The perfect dimensions for a professional environment

The dimensions of pocket doors for offices can vary according to requirements. But it is important to respect precise regulations, because the office is an environment constantly exposed to the public.
First of all, the width of the single door must be between 70 cm and 120 cm and the adjoining rooms must be correctly proportioned.
Finally, it is advisable to position the handle at a height of 90 cm on the door panel.

Aluminum and glass interior doors: the ideal materials for your office

porte a scomparsa per uffici con pannello in vetro - Ermetika

Materials are also important when choosing office doors, as they need to be in harmony with the furniture design and the chosen finish.
The most commonly used options are aluminum and glass to provide better lighting, especially in an office environment. These materials offer a sense of comfort, which is necessary in offices to create an atmosphere that is light and serene, but still elegant and modern.
Again, there is a wide range of customization possibilities, such as decorations with geometric patterns, carved or embossed silhouettes, and decorations with satin, sandblasted or smoked glass.

In conclusion, in the case of offices, it is important that interior doors are chosen in such a way as to create a functional and aesthetically appropriate space to represent those who work there. There may be a need to divide the rooms, ensuring visual continuity and a refined design: the ideal solution is represented by pocket doors, elegant and versatile products that adapt to all your specific needs.