Technical insights 03/05/2019

Pocket sliding door systems: our customers’ most frequently asked questions

After 40 years from their invention, the pocket sliding door systems still maintain certain elements of curiosity, like a mysterious thing. The cause lies with their operation, hidden inside the walls.
Man is naturally inclined to consider reality that which is tangible and visible, while the pocket door system requires an imagery effort, and the need for refining the approach with more knowledge.
In order to simplify this approach we have decided to collect information from the most frequently asked questions that rise from new customers queries.

The most frequently asked questions

How much does a pocket sliding door cost, compared to a traditional one?
The cheapest pocket door system costs 20% less than a medium quality door.

What’s the difference between the classic pocket door system for interiors and the frameless pocket door system for interiors?
They have the same task: the door slides inside the pocket and disappears inside the wall; but the frameless system is free of jambs and architraves, giving an impact because perfectly integrated in the wall and making the door almost invisible.

Can we turn a single pocket door system into a double door system?
Yes, you can. You shall use the accessory fit for this, the junction bracket.

Can we install a pocket door system in a wall in which there are electrical wires?
Yes, you can. You shall choose a model fit for this, designed with a small channel inside the pocket. Electrical wires will seat inside the channel, powering 220V sockets and spotlights.

What if I have a problem to fix inside the pocket? Should I knock the wall down?
You don’t need such an exceedingly difficult intervention. The 95% of the problems that a pocket door system can have during a long period is related to moving parts, such as trolleys or the track they slide in. All Ermetika pocket door systems are designed to allow an easy access to track kit, and some models are equipped with extractible rail.

Can we have a customised pocket door system?
Yes, you can. We manufacture tailor made systems that are a bit more expensive than the standard.