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Sustainability and quality in Ermetika’s

Sustainability and quality in Ermetika’s
Sustainability and quality of products, respect for the environment are the fundamental objectives Ermetika aims to achieve in its business activities.

Sustainability and quality go hand in hand in the world of interior doors

In an era when the environment is facing more and more problems related to energy consumption and pollution, Ermetika has always been concerned about making a contribution, committing itself to the sustainable development of its activities.
Aware of the repercussions that an industrial activity could have on the environment, it has always tried to adopt a green and eco-friendly environmental policy. How? First of all, by systematising separate waste collection throughout the entire processing cycle of the goods with the aim of limiting the impact of waste on the environment and reducing waste, recycling and recovering waste in different production processes. All of this is done using energy from renewable sources with a 100 kW photovoltaic system that allows us to obtain clean, renewable and locally self-produced energy.
In order to reduce waste and the use of plastic materials, the counterframes for Ermetika classic and flush-to-wall sliding doors are wrapped in a reduced-volume packaging which, despite its particular thinness due to very thin plastic films, guarantees safe transport and is much less harmful to the environment, also thanks to the internal reinforcing components of the counterframes which are specially chosen in cardboard instead of polystyrene. This change has resulted in stable packaging that ensures safe transport and intact goods, while reducing the amount of plastic used and eliminating waste.

An eco-friendly production chain

Ermetika therefore employs a decisive environmental policy, promoting the use of noble materials such as wood, aluminium and steel, which are easily available and 100% recyclable for the production of its sliding doors.
Sustainable architecture concerns above all the materials that must last over time and integrate with the surrounding environment in the best possible way, so as to limit consumption and the emission of substances that are harmful to nature.
It is therefore essential to choose renewable, recyclable and eco-sustainable resources to create innovative and natural designs. These measures are essential to safeguard the health of the inhabitants of a house and to avoid wasting energy, both that used to dispose of materials and that used to produce them.
An eco-friendly production chain

In particular, aluminium is the resource on which Ermetika relies most, one of the primary materials that guarantees great energy savings, as most of it comes from its own recovery. It is derived from an oxide, which makes it compatible with oxygen; in fact, its surface creates a natural protective layer, thus increasing its durability over time. It is particularly light and easy to work with, which is why it has been chosen as the main material for the production of interior doors by Ermetika.

Sustainability and care for the environment are therefore basic and fundamental principles that must characterise the company at its roots and that underpin Ermetika’s own principles and values. Ermetika aims to look to the future while remaining responsible, continuing to offer certified and durable products and developing projects for the world with total respect for it.