Product focus 09/22/2022

The Curved Sliding Door in Interior Design

The Curved Sliding Door in Interior Design
Architecture has always fascinated us with its geometric shapes and, in particular, design projects with round, appealing lines. Precisely for this reason, Ermetika developed a curved sliding door capable of creating more sophisticated environments.

Curved lines in the history of architecture

According to the philosopher Jung and modern psychology, the circle is a symbol of perfection. Elements such as totality, inclusion, unity, revolution and mobility are associated with it.
In architecture, geometric figures are fundamental to the realization of projects, and although we are used to thinking of these through angular shapes, such as the rectangle and the square, the circle is particularly distinguished through designs with curved lines. They are capable of creating energy and dynamism within environments.

Think about natural elements, characterized by spherical shapes, and domes created in the Renaissance era that represent the greatest masterpieces in the history of art.
In the contemporary age, this type of architecture has certainly not stopped. For example, ‘The Eden Project’, designed in 2001 by Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners, consists of domes and curved lines that were fundamental to the entire project.
The circular element has never gone out of fashion throughout history. It has come into our homes in order to realize designs with soft, rounded lines associated with functionality itself as never before. It is well known that the fluidity and sensuality of these forms enhance the mood by evoking feelings associated with freedom.

Interior design with curved sliding doors: Arkimede and Anise by Ermetika

Among the furnishing elements in an interior design with curved lines, a curved sliding door is certainly not missing. Ermetika has designed the Arkimede curved counterframe precisely to realize interior design with curved lines!
Interior design with curved sliding doors: Arkimede and Anise by Ermetika

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, the surface of these products stands out because it creates movement and, above all, very creative spaces. The technical quality must be high to ensure excellent results. This is why Ermetika relies on high technology in the production of its counterframes and, in particular, the curved counterframe Arkimede. It’s about a model designed to create impactful, captivating atmospheres for modern environments with a refined design.
This counterframe is a complete system, thanks to which you can customize your home or office even more. For example, you can choose the colour you like the most that best reflects your style!
In short, a curved sliding door is capable of softening the spaces of your home. In most cases, a project with furnishing elements such as a curved door allows you to enrich your home thanks to its extreme functionality and aesthetics. That is why it is a unique and customized solution, designed especially for you.