Technical insights 05/12/2023

The great comeback of wallpaper

In recent years, wallpaper has made a comeback to give the walls of one's home a new momentum of life.
Through this product we have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of patterns, motifs and designs to adorn our room. It is an easier and more immediate choice than the more common painting, which requires longer drying times and pauses. With wallpaper we get the wall we have always wanted with a simple application.

With our Absolute Swing door, a flush-to-wall solution for hinged doors, it is possible to transform an entire wall without interruption of any kind. The absence of jambs and architraves in Ermetika's flush line makes it possible to create continuity with the wall, adapting to the needs of architects and interior designers who are looking for innovative systems that combine functionality and design.
In the images shown we can see how a simple white wall can be completely transformed according to one's taste and needs; in this case the choice of a floral motif in neutral tones makes the room elegant and unique.

Different type of wallpaper

This type of decoration, with its infinite graphics and textures, has several variations and types, such as:

Natural coverings, made of cellulose, a vegetable fibre that not only is environmentally friendly but also guarantees durability as it is obtained through wood processing.

Fabric coverings, a washable product also known as TNT whose base is a combination of synthetic and natural fibres such as cotton, silk, jute, etc. It is an increasingly popular product on construction sites due to its breathable characteristics that prevent the formation of mould.

Vinyl coverings, made of high quality, fireproof, odourless and washable material. It allows for an even wider choice of wallpaper creation, including 3D wallpaper.

How to apply wallpaper

The correct application of wallpaper starts with the wall, so make sure it is in perfect condition. The walls must be clean, dry and smooth; if they have mould or fungus, these must be removed before wallpapering. Excessive moisture can also compromise the installation process, which will consequently not give a satisfactory finish.
Regarding the installation of wallpaper on the door, did you know that in order not to compromise the flatness of the panel, it is necessary to finish and treat the panel on both sides?
Different type of wallpaper
We generally apply wallpaper only on one side of the door: this process may cause the product itself to become unbalanced. Therefore, it is ideal to apply so-called lining paper on the other side. This non-woven wallpaper is particularly suitable as a base for painting, as it is made of a robust material with a smooth surface that makes the door uniform. It adapts perfectly to our products, balancing the structure of the door on both sides.
The application of the Absolute Swing flush door, with no external finishes such as jambs, architraves or frames, guarantees perfect continuity between wall and door. Combined with creative and original elements such as wallpaper, which, as we have seen, has made a major comeback, manages to convey a sense of uniqueness to your home.