Project Palazzo BN

  • Year
  • Location
    Lecce, Puglia [Italy]
  • Designer
    Eng. Luciano Ostuni, Arch. Lucia Bianco
  • Client
    Palazzo BN Srl
  • Photo Credits
    Palazzo BN Srl
  • Retailer Partner
    SAFS 2001 SRL

Project Description

Palazzo BN is a luxury structure designed within an historical building, such as the former Banco di Napoli, immersed in the charm of Lecce’s Baroque architecture. The structure was recently renovated thanks to the contribution of the entrepreneur Renè De Picciotto. This was a conservative restoration work made in partnership with the architect Lucia Bianco and the engineer Luciano Ostuni, who were able to give splendor to a monumental building that had fallen into disuse. The hotel is made of 13 suites with breathtaking views of a roof garden. The rooms are equipped with all comforts, such as the finest modern furnishings and a kitchen.

This project aims to offer a full-immersion experience thanks to the beauty of ancient objects, such as chests, vaults, floors, marble coverings, interior doors, grates and chandeliers, restored into precious vintage elements that become part of the modern intervention. In fact, the structure stands out thanks to its unique late-nineteenth-century style and thanks to all the elements representative of the previous golden years that have been highlighted. For example, the original marble imperfections of the floors have been left intact to evoke the atmosphere of the past, were mixed with elements of contemporary design, including marble stairs, safes, lighting design and the 4.0 era’s technology, which becomes the protagonist of the reborn beauty of this luxury hotel. All this has been achieved by involving international companies such as Ermetika, which allowed to optimize the suite’s spaces thanks to the frameless systems. These products allow maximum customization and functionality to ensure a practical and comfortable experience in the daily life of guests.

This project has been realized by involving international companies such as Ermetika, which allowed to optimize the suite’s spaces thanks to the frameless doors. These products ensure a practical and comfortable experience in the daily life of guests.


What was the goal of this project?The intent of Palazzo BN restyling was to create a dialogue with the world, giving an international atmosphere to the rooms without changing its character. In this case, the renovation was easier, as it was required to reuse the existing furniture and decorations. In addition, the building was already referenced with a strong and defined recognition. Cues and inspirations were everywhere and objects and decorations were restored and made usable again. Everything was evaluated looking not only at the local clientele, but also at tourists from all over the world.

Why choose Palazzo BN?Palazzo BN is a luxury resort that aims to satisfy its guest’s needs in order to offer a unique and unforgettable experience. The hotel offers several services, including the Food Court with four types of restaurants dedicated to the local and creative cuisine, to surprise with a combination of taste and design. Not to mention the spectacular Rooftop, a terrace with garden and outdoor bar from which it is possible to admire a breathtaking panorama in total relaxation. Finally, sports enthusiasts will appreciate the Wellness Boutique, a true temple of well-being that allows you to keep in shape through advanced digital training systems.
Why were Ermetika products chosen?The main purpose of the entire project has always been to offer a luxury experience, but also to communicate warmth and hospitality. The project was designed for those who want to feel at home without giving up the services of a great hotel. In this context, Ermetika’s frameless doors stood out because they were able to optimize the spaces of the rooms thanks to their functionality and practicality, making the guests stay as comfortable as possible. Moreover, these products allowed to customize the several suites without any difficulties, taking into to account the project’s style and design that were set from the beginning and reflecting the elegance and refinement of the entire structure.