Casa AT

  • Year
  • Location
    Campomarino di Maruggio, Puglia [Italy]
  • Designer
    Open Space Oddity & more
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Arch. Egidio Patarino
  • Retailer Partner
    Chromo Casa

Project Description

This project concerns the renovation and extension of a single-family villa located in Campomarino of Maruggio, 200m from the sea and the beautiful dunes that characterize the Ionian coast of Puglia. The original villa, built in the 1970s, was renovated in 2021 following the wishes and hopes of the clients who wanted a vacation house that could be lived in on a daily basis with all the usual comforts of an urban residence. Its contemporary design is distinguished by the personal touch in the choice of furnishings. The living area is part of an open space directly in contact with the kitchen, where both spaces are fully integrated thanks to the constant use of grey tones on the walls, ceilings and floor, which are also applied in the bathrooms, emphasizing a sort of common thread everywhere. This color is also found in the wallpaper, which covers a portion of the wall incorporating and hiding the flush to the wall doors, creating continuity. Tones of grey are used in a variety of combinations underlined by contemporary materials such as glass, stoneware and plastics. Sober and elegant finishes combined with bespoke furnishings make contrast with other warm and reassuring materials such as wood. The house also has a small garden, made of stone pebbles that blend in with the white paving stones of the outdoor living areas, characterized by dry stone walls, white plaster and pure volumes, which evoke the Mediterranean traditional look in a contemporary and absolutely up-to-date shape.

The door is an opportunity. It is the possibility of turning a "secondary" element into a design product. The essentiality of the products and their chameleon-like capacity were fundamental for the projects.


Let’s meet the designer
The OPEN SPACE Oddity & more studio was established in Castellaneta (TA) in 2020, by combining the experience of the young designers, Marianna Matarrese and Vanni Marchitelli, with the professional activity of Egidio Patarino, Architect, Designer and Artist, who has been working in the field of architectural design in Puglia since 1998. The studio deals with all kinds of projects, providing technical and urban planning consultancy services with a particular focus on interiors and on the world of furniture design which, almost like an emotional value, is explored in depth for each project. The studio develops various types of collaboration with manufacturers, craftsmen and retailers in the Apulian area.

How did your passion for architecture/interior design come about?
I would say as a result of my innate passion for art, in the sense that my artistic skills have strongly conditioned my interest in architecture and design, which I have always considered one of the greatest "applications" of the “intellectual drawing process”. This innate passion has been confirmed by my artistic training that has shaped my technique and knowledge, mostly due to the fact that I’ve worked for years alongside a wise mentor who always inspired me when he drew and worked, he had the ability to create architecture and interiors of undisputed poetry.

What is the most important focus when starting a new project?
Geometrical rigor, the rationality of spaces and shapes and the search for the most essential form that guarantees function.

In your opinion, what role can the door play in a project?
The door is an opportunity. It is the possibility of turning a "secondary" element into a design product. A very interesting opportunity, I would say, because the door requires an attitude and an absolutely minimalist and rigorous approach, otherwise you risk falling on the obvious or, even worse, on the decorative.

What motivated the choice of Ermetika products?
The essentiality of the product was surely a factor as well as the chameleon-like capacity for mimicry. Also, the extraordinary technical quality of the components, especially the aluminum frames which are perfectly integrated is the partitions and very intuitive in their fixing and connection to the walls. The excellent overall quality that consents an extraordinary amount of finishes is a plus because it allows every time to give an answer to the different needs of the contemporary living. I consider Ermetika products to be perfectly consistent with trends and geometric languages widely used by designers because without sacrificing aesthetics they combine an excellent possibility of customization, even in the oversized dimensions.