Project Casa BG

  • Year
  • Location
    Caserta, Campania [Italy]
  • Designer
    Salvatore Sito | Interior Designer
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Salvatore Sito

Project Description

"Casa BG" project embodies a dream: to create a home of timeless beauty, contemporary functionality and the perfect combination of refined materials, bold stylistic choices and unique furnishing solutions.

"To make your home the most beautiful place to live in, you need a lot of experience, intuition, courage to dare; the key to success, however, lies in the empathy you create with the client, without which you will never be able to enter their mind and heart".


How did your passion for architecture/interior design come about?
I always had a clear idea of what I wanted to do when I was young, and I specialised in this field after graduating from high school and gaining extensive experience in the family business, which is a fourth-generation glasswork expert. Inspired by my family and not afraid to take risks, I am now a young professional with my own wealth of experience. I specialise in the design and creation of luxury interiors, creating environments with a strong character. For me, the profession of interior designer is like a journey through time and materials, always listening for stories to harmonise, always taking into account the technical and spatial needs of my clients.

In your opinion, what role can the door play in a project and what made you choose Ermetika doors?
The door becomes a key element to give visual continuity to spaces without interruption, especially when it is covered with boiserie, wallpaper or porcelain stoneware. As a designer and art director, I had to find a door that could guarantee visual continuity without compromising the quality of the products used. Ermetika’s hinged flush doors are such a versatile product that they are now one of my must-haves. Without detracting from the importance of classic wood or glass doors, I prefer to stick to my design idea, where the mood board is sacred.