Casa CLI

  • Year
    2020 - 2022
  • Location
    Conversano, Bari [Italy]
  • Designer
    Mes.Studio 327 - Arch. Loredana Marvulli
  • Client

Project Description

The CASACLI project focused on optimising the distribution of interior spaces, favouring natural lighting. The living rooms were positioned towards the south, while the sleeping rooms and services to the west. The introduction of large windows in the living area not only ensured significant lighting, but also established a direct visual connection between the interior and the outdoor patio, helping to integrate the green of the patio with the predominant colour of the living area. This area overlooking the outdoor patio, equipped and enriched with ornamental plants, consists of a large space containing the functions of dining, living and relaxation. The dramatic wallpaper conceals the passage leading to the services and the sleeping area. This colour choice, representative of the family inhabiting the house, was carefully selected to reflect the identity and create a harmonious visual link with the outdoor spaces.

"Attention to detail and the play of light and shadow contribute to making each of our works distinctive and theatrical."


Who is the designer?
Architect Loredana Marvulli specialises in residential, commercial and outdoor projects and aims to balance tradition and innovation through the incorporation of new technologies and natural materials. With a solid professional experience derived from carrying out several projects, she founded Mes Studio 327 in 2021 with the aim of managing every stage of the architectural process, from design to construction. Mes Studio 327's philosophy focuses on creating projects that reflect the client's essence and personality, with an emphasis on creating high-quality homes.

What is the most important focus when starting a new project?
In our design practice, we put the client's specific requirements at the centre, integrating functionality with aesthetics. We enhance the intrinsic characteristics of the property or site, such as sun exposure and views, through the use of natural materials. The tailor-made approach starts with understanding each client's story, ensuring that each project reflects a unique narrative.

In your opinion, what role can a door play within a project?
The door
, conceived as a key to discovery, blends harmoniously with the context, concealing compartments in an intriguing Matryoshka's game that offers the visitor a continuous surprise. This element not only defines the design guidelines, but also reflects my belief in the considered choice of products in relation to specific needs. Sometimes, diversification of openings is essential, while on other occasions, uniformity of space is the key to a balanced design.

What made you choose Ermetika products?
Ermetika embodies my vision of elegance and practicality in doors, contributing to contemporary, continuous and essential environments. Fundamental to ensuring visual continuity, it is my must-have as a designer, maintaining consistency with my design idea, without neglecting my appreciation for classic, wood or glass doors.