Project Casa ELA

  • Year
  • Location
    Barletta, Puglia [Italy]
  • Designer
    47punto27 Studio
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    42punto27 Studio

Project Description

The project of Casa ELA is about a small but sophisticated 1960s flat. The floor plan of the house was reorganized by reducing to a minimum the internal partitions with the aim to avoid fragmenting the different spaces, keeping it much more functional. This is why the sleeping area, the study and the bathroom are developed around the central core of the living area. From the client's desire for a total white atmosphere comes the decision to use the soft contrast between the polished calacatta marble and natural elm wood, which contribute to characterize all the spaces in the project. Besides these characteristics, Casa ELA stands out thanks to Ermetika's Absolute Swing frameless doors, which are completely merged within the wall. As they don’t have superfluous elements such as jambs and architraves, they are able to perfectly represent the concept of "Less is more", minimalism and linearity.

Casa ELA stands out thanks to Ermetika's frameless doors, which perfectly represent the following concepts: 'Less is more', minimalism and linearity.


Who are the designers?
42.27 is an architectural studio based in Barletta, Puglia, and founded by architects Adriano Marti and Gianpiero Gorgoglione. At the basis of our creative process is a predisposition for listening and understanding our client’s needs and desires, which we try to translate into functional and coherent projects. We are enthusiastic about the study and attention to detail and we are promoters of the philosophy of 'less but good': at the centre of our way of designing are people, not objects.

Why were Ermetika products chosen?
We used frameless systems that would allow the central core, on which the various rooms are developed, not to be visually fragmented by access doors. Ermetika's Absolute Swing product perfectly matches with this intention, allowing for a continuous surface.