Project Casa TGF

  • Year
    January – September 2021
  • Location
    Bari, Puglia [Italy]
  • Designer
    Interior Designer Marianna Lotito
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Marianna Lotito

Project Description

This intervention concerns an apartment located on the 10th floor of a residential neighbourhood in Bari. It is a large house, very spacious and bright, that has a 360° view of the city. The young couple relied completely on the advice of the interior designer Marianna Lotito, who was able to create a perfect synergy with the clients favouring a calm, meticulous design that fully met their expectations.  The focus of the project was the desire for a functional home, with peaceful tones and small touches of colour, a mix of natural elements and industrial materials. The home has a large, well-equipped kitchen serving the owner's culinary skills, two spacious and very functional bathrooms with green and pink as the predominant tones, a laundry room and a generous living area with a study corner. The Absolute Swing and Absolute Evo flush doors blend perfectly into the wall, especially in the bedroom where the panelling and the door form a single element and do not interrupt the design between the door and the wall.

There are no secret sources of inspiration, I listen to the client and then I reason. Then the dream starts to take form and becomes reality!



Who’s the Designer?
This project is signed by designer Marianna Lotito. With a studio located in Corato, Puglia, she is specialised in interior design since 2008. Her portfolio includes several residential and commercial projects, works that have been highly acclaimed by the public and commercially successful.

What coverings have been used?
We used natural materials such as wood for the floors, furniture and doors in the sleeping area. The parquet is a very light oak, but with a warm, silky feel. I believe that parquet is a covering par excellence that gives a serene and warm visual impact. The floor of the large cooking area and wall tiles are in stoneware, which is more functional and resistant for this particular room. Fibreglass wallpaper and stoneware are instead the wall covering materials in the bathrooms, which use the same colours and also the choice of natural elements. Beige, grey, shades of pink and green are the colours used in the various rooms of the house.

A source of inspiration that you are willing to share with us?
There are no secret sources of inspiration, I listen to the client and then I reason: if I were them, what would I like? Then the dream starts to take form and becomes reality.

In what way Ermetika doors were an advantage for the fulfilment of this particular project?
In addition to deciding to camouflage the door in the room because I wanted to give priority to other elements of character, in the bedroom area I created a decorative play with a boiserie, so it was important not to interrupt this continuity, so the Absolute Swing door was perfect as it is really unnoticeable.