Meeting Room

Footwear company
  • Year
  • Location
    Ancona, Marche [Italy]
  • Designer
    Interior Designer Marianna Lotito
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Marianna Lotito

Project Description

The project in question is a meeting room attached to the office area of an established company in the footwear sector in Italy. Around the large meeting table, furnished with leather armchairs and designer lighting, there is also a break area furnished with leather sofas and a coffee corner. To the side of the room are the storage area and some of the installations; hence the need to screen these areas, but make them communicative. Two flush doors Absolute Swing, one of which is custom-made and covered in wallpaper fulfil the intentions perfectly.

“I believe that only by loving what you do can you fully immerse yourself, with heart and mind.”


Who is the designer?
Marianna Lotito is an interior designer and owner of an interior design studio in Corato since 2012. After graduating from art school, she worked as a draughtswoman in a well-established engineering firm before entering the world of interiors. This passion led her to specialise in this field in 2008. On the wall of her studio is highlighted a quote that she considers to be her motto: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life". Quoting her words:
"I believe that only by loving what you do can you fully immerse yourself, with your heart and mind."

What is the main focus when starting a new project?
The most important focus when starting a new project is to listen to the client, their needs and their personality, in order to turn a simple idea into a concrete project that succeeds in meeting the client's needs.

What role do you think a door can play in a project?
Doors are always an important addition to a project, they can be visible or invisible. In this case, they had to be invisible as service doors and create continuity with the wall.

What made you choose Ermetika products?
The solidity of the frame structure and the quality of the products, the after-sales service and the seriousness of the company are the strengths of Ermetika for flush doors. The Ermetika door is a versatile product: painted, lacquered or covered with wallpaper, it is a guarantee for us designers.