• Year
    May 2019 – July 2020
  • Location
    Rijswijk [Netherlands]
  • Designer
    Astrid Kohler | Wim van Sluijs
  • Client
    Astrid Kohler e Wim van Sluijs
  • Photo Credits
    Astrid Kohler e Wim van Sluijs

Project Description

The Metamorfose project is part of a 62-apartment complex located in an old office building in Rijswijk, Holland. We want to introduce you Astrid’s and Wim’s home that uses only Ermetika sliding doors systems to take advantage from every square meter available and to optimize the internal layout of their house. This 215-square meter construction is composed by a very spacious open space living and kitchen area, a pantry, a guest bathroom, a laundry room, a storage room and a small office. It has a total of 5 bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a private toilet and a walking closet and 2 two other bathrooms.

With self-building we had the opportunity to build our dreams home and at the same time we discovered a new way of investment in the real estate sector.


Astrid Kohler and Wim van Sluijs are a joyful and loving couple that together with their children form a family of 6. Coming from different backgrounds such as medicine and construction retail they have in common the strength and determination it takes to put together their own ideas and making sure they come to life. With the help of their family and friends they decided to build their dream home and making the best of their life together.

What can you tell us about this project?It all started when we were looking for a house that could suit the necessities of our family. As we have four children, we wanted to give them the space they needed to be independent and happy at home. In Holland, it is quite hard to find a suitable house with the space we required at an affordable price. Then one day passing near the Metamorfose building we started to think about what it would take for us to build our own home. It began as a joke because we had never done something similar in the past, but then thinking about all its advantages and sharing this concept with the rest of the family with decided to move forward. We basically bought a floor and a ceiling and had to take care of everything else! We defined a moodboard that organized our interior design choices, used floorplanner to draw the layout and got a guide book that included some instructions for the construction regarding legal regulations from the real estate company.

What are self-building benefits?Self-building is a challenge but has definitely its benefits. It gives everyone the possibility to envision and bring to life their own dreams. Talking about our personal experience were able to be in charge of our home’s design, implementation and budget which was our priority. The economic reason was absolutely a concern so the fact that we were totally in control made our home more affordable and turned it into an investment. We bought the structure at an affordable price and now we own a property that has gained more value. This whole process is a form of investment in the real estate sector.What role do you think a door can play in a project?

The door in a new project needs to be as functional as possible. It is a great way to organize the internal space layout and avoid unnecessary clutter. Also, the door’s choice can dictate the look of the house and so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Why did you choose Ermetika's products?
While searching for products to build our house we went to a construction fair and met Jocelyn from Bestfix that introduced us to the variety of Ermetika’s products, especially the Evokit pocket door. We knew right away that this was the right solution for us because the Evokit sliding system is made for plasterboard walls and comes in a Kit format so it takes less storage space. Also, as this system is built inside the wall we were able to get a very clean and minimal kind of environment which was exactly what we were looking for. Another strong point of this product was the Evokit’s easy installation. As we did it by ourselves it was paramount to find a product that we could manage and assemble easily so we wouldn’t need special support from others. Overall, we can say that we are 100% satisfied with our choice, everything works perfectly!