ML Apartment

  • Year
    January 2021
  • Location
    Bari, Puglia [Italy]
  • Designer
    MeS.Studio327 – Arch. Loredana Marvulli
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Gaetano Barili
  • Retailer Partner
    Falegnamo by PUNTO PORTE

Project Description

The renovation and restyling project for this 110 square metre flat in Bari was based on a precise request: to transform a dark, dimly lit environment into one in which light plays a leading role. The idea was to completely revolutionise the layout of the apartment by redesigning the division between the living and sleeping areas, allowing all the east-facing openings to illuminate the living area. In order to illuminate the whole house, mainly taking advantage of sunlight, it was decided to reduce the use of partitions to a minimum, and exclusively use them to enclose the bathrooms and storage areas. The whole flat is therefore naturally lit throughout the day, also thanks to a bookshelf which separates the two areas of the living room, alternating full and empty spaces and creating a direct line between east and west. The moodboard, chosen in close dialogue with the client, translates into concrete terms the essence and personality of the people who inhabit these spaces. The result is a perfect balance between warm textured tones, emphasised by the brushed national walnut parquet, and the cool, highly refined tones of the lighting and furnishing elements. Smooth surfaces in magnolia white, reminiscent of flowers in outdoor gardens, alternate with highly textured surfaces. These, distinguished by lime plaster, characterise the walls of the corridor and the living room, while the bathrooms feature three-dimensional cladding, emphasised by the use of cascade lighting. Natural walnut wood is also used in the custom-designed fixtures, such as bathroom furniture and boiserie. Spaces have been designed to combine functionality and comfort, mainly thanks to lighting design, because lights were strategically positioned, they produce an extremely scenic effect by highlighting surfaces and generating a feeling of well-being. Bright and comfortable living spaces are the outcome of the design process we were involved in for this property.

Each project reflects the essence of the person who inhabits it. Through functionality, beauty, the theatrical character of light and shadow and Ermetika’s products, we make this job unique!


What is MeS.Studio327?
This architecture studio founded by Arch. Loredana Marvulli operates in the field of construction, interior design and retail. Based in Bari, it relies on a working team made of designers, interior designers, technicians and specialised workers to provide a complete and detailed turnkey job. Each project reflects the essence of the person who inhabits it, a feeling that is transferred to anyone else who visits.

What is the main focus when you approach a new project?
Our projects are based on the customer's precise requirements, because functionality must never be separated from beauty. We rely on the strengths of the property or construction site, emphasising its potential, such as sun exposure and views. We play with the materiality of the elements, always favouring natural materials. Through the theatrical character of light and shadow and the study of details, we make each of our projects unique.

What role do you think a door can play in a project?
The door is the key to discovery: an element that integrates perfectly with the context, concealing a space, creating surprising moments. The door is conceived as an element that hides compartments, in a game of Matryoshka dolls, slowly revealing finished spaces but that at the same time are always in progress.

Why did you choose Ermetika Products?
High quality and the possibility of customised product management.