Project Noordvliet 139

  • Year
  • Location
    Maassluis [Netherlands]
  • Designer
    Architetto Silvian van Tuyl
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Marcel Cornelius/Kolpa van der Hoek
  • Retailer Partner
    BestFix Schuifdeursystemen

Project Description

The Noordvliet 139 project is about a former wine warehouse in the cozy center of Maassluis in the Netherlands. This large and independent industrial building is located by the characteristic Dutch canals. In fact, it’s original construction dates back to the 1920s, but was completely renovated in 2021 to house both a lovely family and an impressive car collection. All the rooms in this structure have been created to try to support the entry of light in the best possible way, especially with the use of large steel windows that give an industrial but yet dinamic atmosphere. In addition, through the windows you can enjoy a beautiful view of the garden and the shed. The garden is also newly built, flanked by the presence of old vines that reflect the tradition character of the place.

 The ground floor is composed by the studio and the car showroom. Then, thanks to a staircase you reach the second floor, a space of 250m2 equipped with a modern kitchen with a large island with a ceramic marble countertop, a modern and refined material. The central hall easily connects all the rooms, including the kitchen and the living room, a space also designed to be an office or a playroom for children. Besides, on the first floor as well as on the second floor, there are three bedrooms design with a contemporary style, equipped with private bathrooms, very comfortable for a large family. The interior design of the house is highlighted thanks to the wooden beams and high ridge, which create an industrial and wide atmosphere. Ermetika’s sliding doors also make their contribution to the interior design, as they allow to expand the available space even more, making it ideal for an optimal lifestyle and promoting a relaxing life.

The sliding doors were perfectly aligned with the intention to develop an innovative environment and to provide a modern feeling to the house without boundaries between the several rooms, keeping their connection and openness intact.


Can you tell us more about your passions?
I run a consulting services and project planning company called Primaned  that operates in the engineering sector. We manage several large-scale projects that go from mobility management like rail stations to offshore oil platforms. I have always had a passion for fast cars as well as architecture and in the past years I’ve had the fortune of being able to pursue these passions.

What can you tell us about this project?
This operation started as a real estate investment because we valued the building to be an interesting opportunity. It was only afterwards, when we started to demolish the several pieces that had been added over the years, unveiling the 1920’s structure, that we fell in love with the brick walls and high ceilings. In that moment, we decided to turn it into a place where we could combine both my family home and my car collection, a sort of car showroom.

Why did you choose Ermetika's doors?
This is a very spacious building and so we needed to create some sort of volume that would contain the several rooms. The intention was to create contrast between the surrounding industrial architecture and the new white contemporary additions. The decision to use pocket sliding doors was aligned with this modern concept and the intention to develop an innovative environment. Sliding systems are able to provide instantly a modern feeling to the house and create no boundaries between the several rooms, keeping their connection and openness intact. I believe also that another great advantage of pocket doors is the fact that you are free to position furniture wherever you want without being concerned about the door opening.