Osteopathy Clinic Iolanda Romanazzo

Osteopathy Clinic
  • Year
    Genuary 2023 - June 2023
  • Location
    Locorotondo, Bari [Italy]
  • Designer
    Alessia Angelini
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Iolanda Romanazzo

Project Description

In an old family knitwear factory, just a few steps from the historic centre of Locorotondo, the Osteopathic Studio Iolanda Romanazzo was established in a completely renovated space, ready to welcome anyone who needs to live better and in serenity with and in their body.
These premises represent for Dr. Iolanda family, tradition, roots. The internal redesigning of these 55 square metres has resulted in a large waiting room, two well-soundproofed studies, a bathroom with ante-bathroom, and a long corridor connecting the various rooms through flush doors that create continuity, eliminating the superfluous and trying not to 'reveal' anything until the very end. The focal point of this project can only be the use of colours, in particular sage green, fresh and relaxing, and terra di Siena for the corridor, almost surprising and of unquestionable character, perfect for giving the necessary warmth, both nuances fully recalling our territory. With a colour block layout, the colours give character to the individual rooms, differentiating their functions. In a study whose main objective is the wellbeing of the end user, the sustainability of the materials cannot be underestimated, particularly the choice of laying cork (Granorte) as flooring, a material as common as it is innovative: fireproof, durable, biodegradable and above all hypoallergenic.

“The long corridor connecting the various rooms through flush doors creates continuity, eliminating the superfluous and trying not to 'reveal' anything until the very end”


Who is the designer?
Alessia Angelini, interior designer, proudly rooted in Valle d'Itria, collaborates with several architecture and engineering firms. She tries to tell, through her projects, the stories of those who choose her, through original and contemporary ideas and solutions. She follows the entire design process with passion and critical spirit, from planning to renderings to the complete achievement of the works.
 What can you tell us about the project?
The word 'challenge' for this project seems perfect to me. One of my closest friends, an osteopathy graduate, requested my support to open her own practice. She chose some family premises; for everything else, I had carte blanche. In conclusion, the photos speak for themselves.

What is the most important focus when starting a new project?
It always starts with the customer, their needs and their way of 'living'. Beyond this, the context is fundamental. From these aspects, a project with a capital P can start.

In your opinion, what role can a door play within a project?
In 2023 every element makes a difference within a project. The door, as well as defining the space, becomes a fundamental detail, for aesthetics (given the vast choice we have available) but also from a technical point of view.

What made you choose Ermetika products?
From the first moment, I chose to use flush doors in this project, for the mood of continuity and uniformity I wanted to achieve. Ermetika offers a product with high quality technical features and also from the point of view of handles, we were fully satisfied.