Sartoria degli Spazi

Design Studio, Creative Hub
  • Year
  • Location
    Castellaneta, Puglia [Italy]
  • Designer
    Arch. Rosanna Bussolotto | Ing. Francesco Come
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Pierangelo Laterza

Project Description

Sartoria degli Spazi is located within the restoration frame of an urban context – close to the town’s historic centre – as creative concept for Architecture, Design and Engineering.The project included a renewal and a conservative renovation, besides a structural refurbishment, which involved three buildings: a 19th century small palace, characterised by high vault;, another more recent building, added to the previous construction with no organised approach and which does not respect the already present buildings; finally, a warehouse from the 60s.The project aims at the safeguard of the whole structure, through the application of new construction techniques, energy savings, and control of natural resources exploitation.Placed one next to the other, the three blocks form a single façade that favours mutual introspection, showing wide perspectival views among the buildings, towards the outer side.

Iron and glass climb down the water: a big façade follows with iron profiles, like a window that looks upon the space and then dives into a liquid mirror, where light reflections and a perpetual jet of water welcome visitors during the day; at night, on the other side, they create a magical atmosphere, preserving the colours of the just finished day. The sun shading system offers a play of lights and shadows during the day whereas the strained nets create a road fence, in a constant balance between visible and invisible.Thanks to Bussolotto’s important experiences in Project Management, the atelier is a reference point for many local companies, artisans, suppliers and specialised companies; it moves and welcomes visitors to become a shared space, which is also fit for events and meetings.

An ambitious project, conceived with the intention of living and turning architecture into an experience, based on the quality of an emotion within a space encompassing matter, light, colors, and nature.


Let's meet the designers...
She tries to interpret the Client’s specific requirements, in order to turn them into authentic ideas, with a determined style identity, through an accurate selection of suppliers; she uses tools and materials that fit the project and coordinates all the operational phases, from the creation of the project to its actual implementation.

How did your passion for architecture/interior design come about?
After graduating from High School, I attended the Architecture course at my local University. I soon started to collaborate with design studios. I got my degree in 2009 and in 2010 I started my own professional activity, including also external partners in my projects. I consider myself an eclectic architect with a multidisciplinary approach and a strong passion for art and new media; I sponsor cultural activities such as local festivals, exhibitions, meetings, seminars, workshops. For this reason, at a specific point in my career, I decided to create Sartoria degli Spazi, a creative hub which wants to offer new experiences, our space is a constant work in progress where light and matter take their shape.

What is your main focus when you start a new project?
Fulfil a need…a requirement. From the very beginning, I try to build a conversation with my client, through a respectful attitude towards their ideas and keeping in mind to give spice to their thoughts, ideas and space vision…I start by carefully listening to their needs; afterwards, everything takes shape, with its own functionality and beauty, thus getting a style identity that will last through time. In this way, we create tailor-made spaces which are strongly connected to the places, unveiling just a bit of what is behind a more complex project, i.e. making the complexity of architecture invisible and imperceptible.

In your opinion, what is the role of doors within a project?
Today we pay full attention to detail care, therefore door sas well get a double function: the aesthetic one when profiles and materials are highlighted, and the practical one when it addresses comfort and use.

Why did you choose Ermetika products?
Ermetika’s solutions allow you to have even walls, with no interruptions, because the door material perfectly integrates with the surrounding walls. I often use frameless doors for boiseries or even walls, where materials and colour blend with the wall leaving almost no sign. The hardware role is also important, particularly for invisible hinges, which guarantee closure, air-tightness and silence to the door.