Technical insights 08/05/2020

The great double door show

Let’s face it: despite the fact we are manufacturers of pocket sliding door systems, we always remain astounded to see how spectacular is a double sliding door opening; even more if it is a frameless door, correctly fitted, that leads towards a generous meeting room with design amenities and natural light.
We can, in a way, border on “obsession” and focus our attention on all technicalities: the sound of the track kit, the quality of the materials and of packaging…but we are sure that every person, every user, gets surprised in front of this show, as double sliding doors are an undisputed success!

Three examples where the double sliding door is the be-all-and-end-all Between kitchen and living room

The so-called kitchenette is every chef’s nightmare, but if you remove from this narrow space useless things and keep only essential things to be used for preparing and cooking food such as: the fridge, a surface, a double basin, stove and oven, your life will be easier. Well, so where are you putting all the other things, such as the table and the chairs? In the living room! Connecting the two rooms with a beautiful double sliding door system to keep closed when the chef is working and open when serving at table and enjoying the lunch or the dinner.

To access a terrace or a garden

When an access is similar to a curtain that opens on a delightful garden or features a panoramic view, the effect is even more impressive. If you want to see on your guest’s faces wonder and amazement, you must think to a double pocket window system.
If you choose a double pocket door system for exterior doors, you will have two parallels track rails: one for the window-door and the other for the security gate.
Continuity between interior and exterior spaces will be granted, in the most spectacular way.

To join two workplaces

The Open space concept in workplace is very well known now in almost all the digital economy, media and advertisement industries. The main reasons are: cross-disciplinary organisation (the
bosses are in direct contact with the staff), facilitation of the circulation and use of ideas (benefit from brainstorming), less privacy and high productivity (the worker can not hide himself in his room and waste time playing solitaire or gaming on the net). Unfortunately, who has worked in this context knows how complicated and confusing it can be, and how buildings with communication areas and quiet workplaces are perfect for frequent staff changes call for receiving suppliers, organising interviews or working in smaller groups. Double door systems are perfect to adjust spaces: when open they create big common areas, if closed a reserved area. The choice of materials reflects the need to combine refinement and your interior designer’s style.