• Year
  • Location
    Mola di Bari, Puglia [Italy]
  • Designer
    K1 ArtStudio - Stefano Carlone / Vincenzo Berlingerio
  • Client
  • Photo Credits
    Berenice Verga

Project Description

The family home is revitalized through reinterpretation for a new generation. The 140 sqm apartment is completely overhauled to create a new space without corridors and clear divisions. In fact, by removing the old, narrow and twisted corridor, the spaces all open onto the central living area, which becomes the stage where the various rooms are situated, without being fully revealed.
The clients' great passion for white and Provencal style has been revisited through a mix of optical elements and intense colors. The honey-oak parquet flooring contrasts sharply with the cleanliness of the forms. The sleeping area is concealed behind four flush doors in the living room.
The master bedroom is a true suite: a minimal environment playing on sage green and wood tones, and two twin mirrored windows hiding the walk-in closet and suite bathroom. The playroom is a space to encompass the entire world of the little ones, with decorated rugs and chalkboard-effect walls. Completing the apartment, the hypnotically patterned laundry bathroom with small white and rust squares and the guest bathroom, which recalls a romantic style reinterpreted in shades of blue, with floral boiserie and rectangular blocks with glossy and striated surfaces.

"The door, in every project we work on, has a strong decorative value, on par with other solutions. It is an element that simultaneously separates, unites, conceals, creates curiosity, and defines a space".


Who is the designer?
The project is managed by K1 ArtStudio, a young studio founded in 2015 specializing in architecture and interior design. The team consists of architect Stefano Carlone and designer Vincenzo Berlingerio, whose mission is to create tailored and innovative project proposals characterized by a strong decorative and scenic impact, making each work unique and personalized. Precision and attention to detail, which allow for specific solutions for each situation, transform into attention to all phases of work, enabling them to assist the client from the purchase of the property or commercial activity, to planning and work management, up to the final setup and delivery.
What is the most important focus when starting a new project?
Certainly, in approaching a new work challenge, the fundamental components for our creative process are mainly the dialogue with the client, the perceptual sensations provided by the space, and the story we try to create and tell with our project intervention.
What motivated you to choose Ermetika's products?
In this context, Ermetika's flush doors stood out because, thanks to their functionality and practicality, they were able to achieve the objective of this project: a central living area that becomes the distribution hub between the living room and the bedrooms, through the complete absence of corridors or utility spaces.