Let’s design your folding doors together

We put our thirty years of experience in the service of your furniture projects. Write a mail telling us your home office or office door holes project, attaching its dwg files. Our technicians will answer you in a short time providing you with the solution that best suits your space and style needs.

Our solutions
  • Redesigning the door holes with the most suitable countertop design.
  • Proper sizing of all components.
  • Provide any available accessories.
What we need
  • General plan of the apartment, with all the architectural constraints (bearing walls, pillars, plumbing, electrical system, suction hoods, etc., etc.).
  • Environment plant where the counterframe will be placed.
  • Material and wall thickness.

Here’s a collection of common questions and answers, to help fast-track users or those who are in a hurry to get an answer to their question.

What do you mean for “ Passage Opening” , referring to L and H letters?
Passage Opening is the wide space between the wooden doorjambs, the net vacuum for passage.
What about the 15 years guarantee you offer?
The 15 year guarantees covers: - Steel components against rust - Track kit functionality - Integrity of the structure
What if we’d like to customize the models in size?
We can manufacture a wide range of sliding door systems that can be customised. Different size according to different country standards are available. For further information, dedicated technical sheets may help you in the specific cases.
What’s track kit capacity?
Standard track kit supplied with sliding systems can bear up to 100 kg, and they‘ve been tested for 100.000 runs by Giordano Institute.
What If my panel is heavier than 100 kg?
An optional track kit for heavier doors is available: it can bear up to 120 kg and it is provided with 4 ball bearing. You don’t need to change the rail or apply any modification to install 120 kg track kit.
Is there any restriction in the choice of the sliding door to be installed on the system?
You can install every kind of door: wood panels, glass panels, glass and aluminium panels. The only rule you must follow is dimension. Maximum door width is always expressed in technical sheets related to each model.
Which doorjambs do I have to install on my sliding system?
The lips that support the jambs are standard size and every jamb kit on the market can be installed. Thee doorjambs can be supplied together with the sliding system upon request.
What If I want to install a glass panel on the Absolute model?
You can install a glass door rather than a wood door simply using the right accessory: the Glass Kit is conceived to support the crystal panel by clamps that are covered by carters to preserve aesthetical beauty.
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